Thursday, August 30, 2007

Not a good day

I just opened an already open bag of pecans from the bottom end and spilled all the contents onto my lap...and the floor. Sigh.

Ya know. It's just one of those days.

On a somewhat related note, I keep drawing these two cards:

Which oddly in combination means an end to bad and destructive habits. If that means I'll stop re-opening bags of pecans upside down, that'll be a good start.

I think Sammi says the Tower cards freaks her out whenever she sees it in people's readings because it basically means shit hits the fan, death, destruction and all, but I'm actually rather fond of the Tower card since I tend to rebuild myself into something better whenever I have a meltdown.

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No More Adzuki Bean Pods

I'm discontinuing the sister podcast site: Adzuki Bean Stash Podcast

It was a really tough decision, but I've had too many screwy paid provider issues over the past months with disappearing files, horrible user support, funds getting drained and the biggest issue: unstable hosting. Free solutions haven't worked out too well due to file size and lack of bandwidth. On top of that, with the new job I just haven't been able to devote as much time to producing the episodes.

However, this blog stays. :)

Shawn and I will continue to write about and review CDs and DVDs. Sammi will continue with her Austin area concert reviews. I'm also thinking of adding a "Themed Mix CD" feature post here to keep the theme notion from the podcast blog alive.

So... the music won't stop.

To all the listeners and subscribers to the Adzuki Bean Stash Podcast show, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. There are a lot of great podcasts out there, so it means a lot to me that so many of you took interest in that little corner of the internet world.


Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Gorowski: Simulators Can

Gorowski delivers groovin trippy beats in his newest release Simulators Can off of WM Recordings, one of my favorite internet labels featuring predominantly experimental music.

This album in particular features adulterated world beat, funk and reggae influenced vocals. It doesn't lean as heavily on found sounds like his prior release I don't believe you but still maintains an experimental feel. You can download the entire album from the WM recording site.

If you happen to be in the London, England, you can check him out in person at the Vibe Bar where he throws tunage onto the dance floor once a month. According to his Myspace, the next show will be September 8th.

Listen to:
"Krishnaji's request"
"Polish Dream" (and no...we're not taking about RitchN here)

DJ Gorowski's Myspace
DJ Gorowski's Profile on WM Recordings

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Pointe shoes

Self portrait of sorts.

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CHANT CD Release - That Which Divides...

... sure brought together a hell of a lot of people. I made it out (how could I not, Bradley's one of the most incredibly warm and endearing folks I've met in a long time) and it was so, so great. Unlike the last CD release we had hit up at Elysium, this time the sound guy had been around for a while, the club was open on time, and really my only gripe was how HOT it was in there - that's what I get for being a good old fashioned overlayered goth. I think the highlight of the pre-show for me was getting Dimitri from Tungsten Coil to roll his beer bottle across my back, oh man, that was heaven.

I've been waiting very impatiently for this CD release, honestly, ever since I first heard B play months and months ago and his Beginnings CD wasn't enough. I wanted "This Secret". I wanted it bad. And it wasn't on the CD I had, dagnabbit! The first time we saw him, he'd played it, and I immediately loved it, the feel of the song, the way it swells and grows and then breaks, Bradley with one arm in the air, "LOVE THIS PACT BETWEEN US" - even before I was able to make out all the lyrics (not always easy at live shows with no libretto, doncha know), I was in love with this song. Then the second time I saw him play it, Ritch from subNatural got up and sang it with him. Better and better!! I loved this, and the song was made even better by this amazing bond the two fellows have. They absolutely ooze this wonderful, warm camaraderie. It's infectious, and you just want to squeeze the two of them together in a big bear hug. Well, I do at least. At the release party, though, they topped it - the whole band (sN) got up and played the song together with Bradley, so I got Chant AND I got to see the guys from subNatural on my favoritest song. How's THAT for sweetness? I didn't care that I still hadn't figured out what the name of the song was, I just knew I was in happy fan heaven 'cause I got my favorite song with not one, not two, but a whole passel of mad sexy, talented musicians up there playing. I'm really curious how he's gonna top that NEXT time I see him play the song.

All in all, while I fell in love with Chant performances for the stage full of drums, I stay in love for the performance itself. Bradley is an incredible showman, he works the stage, he works the audience, he's accessible, warm, intense, and technically brilliant. And, lucky you, he's touring! So check out his dates, and if he's anywhere reasonable to get to, get yer butt to his show. I am *serious*. Just dress light, 'cause you'll undoubtedly find yourself dancing yourself breathless. And be sure you catch up with him after the show, he's an absolute darling if you get a chance to say hi.

Upcoming Shows:
Aug 31 - City Lights Bar (McAllen, Texas)
Sep 1 - Chapa’s (Brownsville, Texas)
Sep 20 - The Elysium (Austin, Texas)
Sep 21 - Rock Bottom Lounge (San Antonio, Texas)
Sep 22 - Lucky Devil's Bar (El Paso, Texas)
Sep 23 - Atomic Cantina (Albuquerque, New Mexico)
Sep 25 - Mad Studio 111 (Flagstaff, Arizona)
Sep 26 - Soul Invictus (Phoenix, Arizona)
Sep 27 - meets, greets, radio, and more!
(Los Angeles, California)
Sep 28 - Hot Monkey Love Cafe (San Diego, California)
Sep 29 - Bar Sinister (Hollywood, California)
Oct 26 - VooDoo Fest (New Orleans, Louisiana)
Oct 27 - VooDoo Fest (New Orleans, Louisiana)
Oct 28 - VooDoo Fest (New Orleans, Louisiana)

Chant's Myspace
Chant's Official Website
Purchase That Which Divides from CD Baby

Cyrus Shennum

I keep getting inquires about Cyrus Shennum who owns his own jewelry store (specializing in custom designs) in Austin, TX. I took the photo of him above back in February in his studio. Unfortunately, I don't think the store website is up in production yet, but I can show you some close up pictures of the ring he was able to fabricate for me from sketches I made:

You can read the original post here:
Blog post about Cyrus Shennum

I'm planning on getting a tsavorite or demantoid garnet cushion and designing a ring with that stone in mind. I'll post sketches as they come up. I pretty much know that Cyrus has the means to do the best job possible and I couldn't possibly think of anyone else who I'd ask to take on the task.

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Unsigned Artist Competition

It's RitchN's birthday today, so make him happy and go vote for his band, SubNatural:

If that ain't your cup of tea, then vote for John Pointer:

They're both incredibly fantastic performers but completely different. If you visit the voting site, you may be quite surprised at the list of people who aren't signed yet. Plenty of great Austin artist, but Ritch and John are my top 2 pics and I'm gently suggesting that you vote for one of them.

Vote: Unsigned Artist Competition

The Recording Conservatory of Austin
Stinson Studios
SubNatural's official Website
John Pointer's official Website

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speaking of pretty boys with headphones...what 27 looks like

Good god, can trap a fly with those eye lashes of yours!

Or, as Darlin Hubby pointed out, he could make a convincing bearded lady. I've always thought that Ritch has incredibly doll-like features. I think it's the exaggerated and super expressive mouth as well as his huge eyes. Sheesh, he's prettier than I am in this pic.

Life is so cruel. Course, today is Ritch's birthday, so I'll quit whining.

BTW, for those of you in Austin, his band SubNatural is competing in the finals at Austin's Battle of the Bands competition this Sunday at the club Red 7. I have a feeling that they're gonna win.

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Monday, August 27, 2007

New kitten video!

For some reason they look enormous on the video, but really they're not that big.

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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Crystal Drop Earrings

A co-worker put in an order for 9 pairs of earrings last week for each of her bridesmaids. They're all the same style but all slightly different in bead color and findings. I used Swarovski crystals, Czech glass beads and stone beads for these. When I was done and lined them all up, I really thought they looked like candy!

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NIN concert videos

A couple of a fantastic concert videos from the current NIN European tour have been posted up on You Tube lately by the NIN crew, so I figured I'd stick them here as well for your viewing enjoyment.

Is it me or does the lighting design look like old-school Kraftwerk?

Nine Inch Nails official website
The NIN Hotline

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Saturday, August 25, 2007

icons and Shawn

Shawn looks like a cross between Kurt Cobain and Ville Valo here:

Hot goth or bar fight survivor? Not enough sleep or rocking guy-liner? Not sure, but it's a bad ass pic.

So is this one:

I've been wanting to switch out our user photos on the Adzuki Bean Stash Mp3 blog for some time and these were images he took with his iBook a while ago. Following his lead I then took a series of web cam stills with my own iBook:

I must say though, Shawn looks a heck of a lot better than me in headphones. Instead of looking like cool and legit recording artist, I look like a kid with a MacBook recording shit in the bathroom (which is precisely what I am). You'll have to traipse on over to the blog itself to see which pic I chose.

But enough of me. I'm devoting the rest of this post to one of my closest and oldest friends who happened to turn 31 a couple of days ago.

There he is to the left in his glorious graduate school pic. For whatever reason the Old Navy T cracks me up. It's just so not him. Unfortunately, you can't see his dark blue eyes in the photo, but look at the lovely nose of his... people pay money for a nose like that. Anyhow, I digress...

It's a misconception that I met Shawn back in grad school. We actually knew each other during undergraduate studies where both of us were math majors at the University of Texas at Austin and shared a Topology class together back 1998. What made the class special was that it was taught Moore-Method style where us hopefuls were given a handful of axioms and then with minimum guidance from the professor would be expected to solve theorems from scratch on the board each lecture. One of the best classes ever and to this day I probably retained the most from Topology I.

It functioned on the whole "learning through trauma" principle where one tends to remember things they've struggled through. Moore Methodology totally feeds on the stereotypical insecurities of die-hard mathematicians and their need to outsmart one another which in of itself creates maintainable trauma due to the competitive nature of the classroom. Hrm, I'm getting a bit philosophical here, so compare it to getting stripped naked in front of your classmates and made to do the chicken dance, but with the odd sense of euphoria injected at the end of your bought with humiliation...I suppose if you're kinky there's no difference between the two situations, but you get the point. Anyway, with the way class was structured, math talent and general intelligence levels were blatantly apparent and the very first thing that I noticed about Shawn was that he was definitely one of the sharpest students in the class. Nothing could phase him. He could prove these problems in his sleep.

From there, I can't quite remember how or why we stuck together for so long. I'm sure mix tapes had something to do with it as well as the common obsession for all things Nine Inch Nails and Trent related (Nine Inch Nails problem sets were a common theme in our math handouts when we were TAs. I also still have the Trent Reznor sack puppet Shawn made me). Maybe it was because I thought his "Bruce the Shark" videos were cool. We shared a love of music, visual arts, macabre, of course mathematics and let's not forget that both of us always seemed to be chronically depressed all the time.

I can tell you that the more I got to know him, the more I came to understand the term polymath.

Over the years we have given each other a gazillion reasons not to ever speak to each other again and managed long stretches of time where we both truly utterly hated one another, and yet our camaraderie has always managed to mend itself and become something that's much more profound and loyal than most of my other friendships with people. We're super blunt with one another. We've exchanged nights where we've cried for the other person. We divulge secrets and insecurities that no one else is privy to. However, we've never slept together, never "gone out" or dated because we both realize that we're too similar for any romantic path to ever work out. Crossing the carnal bound destroys the beauty of this unconditional devotion we share, but realistically the real reason is that we'd drive each other mad and probably murder each other or commit joint suicide.

With all that said, if you ask either one of us, "Do you love each other?" the answer is a completely effortless "yes."

So, happy birthday, Mr. Soon-to-be Dr. Shawn Westmoreland. Oh yeah, and please work on that "Fire Exit" demo because it's fucking long overdue, damnit!

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what 30 looks like

I have nothing deep to say about these pictures. I just think I came out looking kinda nice.

Side point:
My mom wants me to photo shop out the moles. She's really offended by those blemishes apparently.

This morning we went shopping with her and she reached over to wipe something off of my face...thing is, that something was a mole. I have several small ones that have popped up over the years and my mother was just mortified.

"Why do you have all these dot-dot-dots?" (while poking my nose and cheeks with her nails)

Heh. Sammi has witnessed first hand how my mom pokes and prods me. The time she came down with me to Sugar Land, mom grabbed fist fulls of Cindy-chub and contemplated the size of my upper arms. "You're so chunky!" she said.

Sammi was utterly appalled. "I can't believe I'm seeing this," she said.

I sorta shrugged it off since it is sort of endearing the way my mom fusses over me. At least, that's how I feel now. However, during adolescence, her ongoing commentaries on how I looked grated on my nerves, as you can imagine. I inhereted my cylindrical body type from my dad's side of the family and I think she had a hard time understanding why I didn't have the tiny 22 inch waist, itty-bitty thighs, perky ass and tits like what she and her sisters possessed. To put things into perspective, she's my height by weighed 88lbs before she was pregnant...and ate like a horse. That too, I inhereted.

As for the pic, mom's comment was "You look pretty...but definitely not young."

It's funny, I think of "not young" as a compliment!

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Friday, August 24, 2007

Happy Birthday Shawn!

My best friend. My partner in crime. My tragic self. My smarter self.

If only I had 1/100th of your talent, I'd be a lucky gal.
If only I had 1/100th of your compassion, I'd be a better person.

So on your birthday, as shitty and stressful life may seem right now, just remember you make the world a better place for a lot of us simply because you exist.

I love you man, I really do. Even though you're a basket case sometimes, I totally get you and damnit, you've got great taste in music.

Listen to:
"Happy Birthday" - Teeth
"Happy Birthday" -The Birthday Massacre
"Horror of Birthday/Drive-Thru Marriage" - Happy Crayon

Hope 31 is a better year for you and finish your doctorate ASAP so I can call you Dr. Westmoreland!

Das Mobius' Garage Band Profile

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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Chant: That Which Divides (cd review)

There's talent and then there's talent. Know what I mean? Couple that with a strong work ethic, a natural tendency towards perfection and undeniable passion and you've got Bradley Bills aka Chant.

That Which Divides is a narrative on the various facets of human nature that drive us apart--violence, greed, depression and denial. There's also a over aching theme of love and relationships throughout the album. For instance, the song "The Line" illustrates the cruel reality of how a singular action can break people up despite a solid history:

We met as one - in truth and in love
We twist and we turn we grow - and we learn to be as one
and answer to no one
But then fate - in hate - turns you on me
Drew a line in the sand and things just go as planned for you, but as for me...
You crossed the line with me this time-you crossed the line.

All his songs have an undeniable tribal and industrial feel due to the orchestration, but there are elements of jazz such as in "Sate" and beautiful world elements are found in the track "Wake up." The brassy and gritty quality of his voice complements the brutality of the percussion and digital elements while usage of piano and guitar adds an extra mature dimension to his songs. I've said this before, but I have a hard time finding another musician to compare him to.

I will emphasize that Chant is something that needs to be seen and experienced live, but the album does capture his sonic energy to an extent. You have to remember that Bradley is, at the core, a fucking good percussionist. What makes his music so unique is the performance aspect: seeing him running around beating on his myriad of drums (just seeing the crew set up all the kits and stations is impressive), splashing the audience with water, not holding back and yelling at the sound booth guy if the levels aren't right, switching out drum sticks without dropping a beat whenever one breaks, etc... "Point and Click" is a great song on the album causing one to want to dance or the very least drive really fast when you're listening to it in the car, but hearing it live it makes you want to jump up and down, hit stuff and throw things at people. My only complaint about the album is that the levels for his live drumming isn't loud enough in spots, but that's just my opinion.

The CD packaging is pretty sweet. I picked up one of limited edition formats (1 of only 100.) with a hand forged metal cover containing printed artwork and lyrics on high quality card stock. It's designed beautifully. I love the diagram of the gun parts and how the lyrics to the song "The Secret" are printed backwards. The font is also easy to read which is a plus. The regular version of the CD offers liner notes in PDF format on the disc itself.

Liner notes are always important to me and from them you get the sense that Mr. Bills is a deep and kindhearted soul who ponders the state of humanity and doesn't take life and its many gift for granted. He gushes words of appreciation to those who helped him along the way. He divulges his concept behind the album. Amongst the pages, there are pictures of Bradley and I found the one of him sitting in regular clothes on the floor, clipboard on his lap scratching out lyrics especially poignant. As RitchN from SubNatural announced during the CD release party last week at Elysium (which also happened to be Bradley's birthday): "This is the hardest working man I have ever met."

So true. The man matches the packaging as well when you meet him in person. You realize that not only is he a good artist, he's a good husband, a good son, a good friend and a good person. For someone as diligent and talented as Bradley Bills (check out his my space profile to see the impressive list of musicians he has worked with) you just KNOW that good things will come. He's already touring that path right now.

Listen to:

"Point And Click"

Wake Up

Upcoming Shows:
Aug 31 - City Lights Bar (McAllen, Texas)
Sep 1 - Chapa’s (Brownsville, Texas)
Sep 20 - The Elysium (Austin, Texas)
Sep 21 - Rock Bottom Lounge (San Antonio, Texas)
Sep 22 - Lucky Devil's Bar (El Paso, Texas)
Sep 23 - Atomic Cantina (Albuquerque, New Mexico)
Sep 25 - Mad Studio 111 (Flagstaff, Arizona)
Sep 26 - Soul Invictus (Phoenix, Arizona)
Sep 27 - meets, greets, radio, and more!
(Los Angeles, California)
Sep 28 - Hot Monkey Love Cafe (San Diego, California)
Sep 29 - Bar Sinister (Hollywood, California)
Oct 26 - VooDoo Fest (New Orleans, Louisiana)
Oct 27 - VooDoo Fest (New Orleans, Louisiana)
Oct 28 - VooDoo Fest (New Orleans, Louisiana)

Chant's Myspace
"Chant's Official Website"
Purchase That Which Divides from CD Baby

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Monday, August 20, 2007

sleepless in Austin

Well, it's past midnight and although I realize it isn't *that* late, I can tell already there's no way I'm going to be able to fall asleep easily. Even though I'm physically tired, my brain is not doing a good job at shutting off. Normally I can will myself to drift off. I am after all a huge fan of napping/sleeping/dozing/lying comatose. This hobby I place second only to eating. Speaking of which I'm hungry again.

Currently my mind is thinking of the "Evil Pink Sugar Cookies." The local grocery store, HEB, carries these things in 10 pack clam shell containers and they precisely look like this spinkles and all:

There's something about the mouth feel that makes these things delectable. They're super soft and in reality, have absolutely not substance. In fact, you get maybe a 2 second high off of these things because there's not any chewing involved. And yet, the delicate flavor (they're actually not too sweet) and inviting aroma of butter makes you want to eat another one...and another...and thus a new form of crack is born.

I offered one to my mom today who tagged along with us for grocery shopping. To my horror, she wiped off the icing before eating the cookie:

"The color scare me," she said.

Indeed, there are very few edible things in nature that come in that shade of pink. I asked her if she liked it.

"Like what?"

The cookie.

"Oh, I forgot I ate it. I bet it's fattening."

See? Not even my mother, who I inhereted my gluttony from, could even remember she tasted such a thing.

T thinks they're vile and in a lot of ways they are because aside from flour, sugar and egg, I can't quite figure out what other ingredients are. Caranuba wax. Why would you need that? They're also 90 calories each. Still, they taste darn good to me.

My brain is also abuzz because there's been so much going on lately. As you know, my mom moved up here into our home and then a couple of days later found an apartment in the neighborhood, so it seems like all we've been doing lately is moving boxes, packing and unpacking.

My brother came down Saturday morning to help mom move (again) and I only got to spend about 10 hours with him. My friend Mark had already planned to introduce me to his friend Dave who works over at Guitar Resurrection (a fantastic locally owned shop specializing in vintage guitars and amps) because he was looking for a theremin player for his band. That conversation went fairly well above all the ripping and roaring from the sound room next door as Mark was hammering out power chords over the Bogner Amp (3 grand...sheesh, amps are expensive) he's been eyeing for some time. I ended up buying a guitar slide for my brother, oohing and ahhing the various accessories in the store, musing over various guitar picks all shades of the rainbow and then settled on some heavier gauge ones simply because I liked the color. I'm really not a guitarist, but I do appreciate the accouterments. Mark kept mentioning he always feels like a kid in a candy store whenever he visits and I don't blame him...

I have mentioned this before, but I'll say it again. If you're a single woman and you really want to find a guy, just walk into a guitar store. It would help if you knew music, especially if you can play guitar (because your hotness factor will shoot through the roof) and bonus points if you can keep up in conversation about types and feature of guitars, but just knowing an instrument helps. If you don't you can always be the one asking for lessons---believe me, they staff will want to teach you. I have yet to meet a chick who actually worked at a guitar shop. For whatever reason, even though I know there are a lot of gals who play guitar, you'll find mostly men, roughly in their early to mid 20's in various manners of dress (yet all slightly dishelved even if the outfit consists of a suit) hanging out on a Saturday afternoon there. It's like Fry's electronic store but with less geeks or Home Depot with less dads.

Anyway, after the music store excursion, Mom, T, JBRo and I watched Beth perform works by Hayden and Beethoven with the Austin Choral Consort at St. Matthew's Episcopal church. Mark was there too since his vocal coach is Barry Scott Williams, the choral conductor. That was a lovely affair and would have been a nice way to end the night except that mom really wanted a television and the only place open that late was Walmart.

I hate Walmart. Not even just the corporate aspect of it, but the layout, the chaos, the shitty products and the people! This is where my classism and judgemental side rears its ugly head. Arrrgh! People, just because it's Walmart doesn't mean you suddenly need to look the part of trailer trash. A tube top should never be worn on anyone over 150 lbs. If we can see your ass crack when you're not even bending over, the skirt is too darn short. Wear deodorant....I mean, I don't see these types of people on a day to day basis in the city. I only see them in Walmarts. Makes no sense. Do they live there?

Not only were we at Walmart, it happened to be during tax free weekend, so the lines were enormous. Here we were at 11:00pm fighting to grab the HD flat screen TV for mom amongst wailing kids, screaming parents and a whole mess of weirdos who were there just because they had nothing better to do. We just sat next to a timpani and 200 piece choir for the past 2 hours and the night before T and I were at a rock concert, so the sounds of whiny kids really got on our nerves.

Nevertheless, we got mom a TV.


It's about 1 am now and I'm starting to crave hot sauce and chips. I'm thinking if I stay up longer I'm eventually going to want a steak dinner. Better go to bed now. Long work day ahead....

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Friday, August 17, 2007


Can you believe auditions for Austin Conservatory/Austin City Ballet's "Nutcracker" is this freaking Saturday? I already dislike the bulk of the music (sorry Tchaikovsky...nothing against you in particular) but imagine if you had to hear it ever Saturday from now until December? I'd be ready to poke someone's eyes out.

Why don't you shove that sugar plum up your ass eh? EH?

If I did audition, I suspect I'd end up being one of them Snow Fairies.

Sure, we'd look pretty and all in our white and silver tutus gracefully fluttering around. What no one bothers to tell are the various items people have used as "snow" for those scenes and the hazards associated with them:

Shredded Paper
Sure, it's economical and all, but a freaking hazard when you step in it especially doing a bunch of turns en masse. Besides, I'd distracted if I looked down and saw a corner of my 2005 tax return in the pile. Speaking of pile, the tendency is to sweep up the stuff and reuse it, so by the time you're doing the last set of performances, you may end up getting showered with bobby pins, hook and eye clasps, hair, paper clips, etc. Ouch.

Instant Mashed Potato Flakes
Surprisingly common since it is not a bio hazard, but let me tell ya, Mr. Nutcracker sweats. A lot. Same with the mice. They usually wear hot and heavy head gear for costumes and well, what do you expect? So, although it's not as dangerous as the above option, it's really nasty when you've got to dance in goop and a pain to clean up.

Soap Flakes
This certainly looks and flutters like snow, but when you get this shit in your eyes it stings. STINGS LIKE A MOTHER FUCKER. Also, along with Mr. Sweaty Nutcracker, this too is a hazard on stage. I do not suggest this option.

Plastic Flakes
Apparently the Houston Ballet uses this stuff. It's economical but bad for the environment. Probably carcinogenic too. The benefit is that you can reuse this stuff year after year....and the the snow drifts start to look like winter in Moscow all grey and dreary.

On a somewhat related note, I've always appreciated modern choreographer Mark Morris's interpretation of "Nutcracker." He calls his production "The Hard Nut" and in the snow scenes, the snow flakes are cast with males and females all wearing too short tutus and soft serve ice cream caps:

Anyway, this is all to say, I probably won't audition this weekend. I think I'm gonna help mom unpack some more and then hang out with my friend Mark and geek out on music for a while.

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Thursday, August 16, 2007


I have a cute mom (and grandma):

Cuteness runs in our family. No sexy bombshells to speak of but I think it's easier to grow old and stay cute than grow old and stay hot, so there you go.

It's an ongoing joke that darlin hubby is most useful for getting the cookie jar down from the highest shelf for me. After telling my podcasting buddy Tim that mom was moving in since my father passed away, his response was:

Yes, I remember you saying about your dad. It must be comforting for your mum to be able to come and live with you guys. Now I guess T has to reach the cookies for both of you?


Before we've even had time to even begin wondering what it would be like to have her here in our own home...she found an apartment. It's walking distance from our home, features an attached garage and is incredibly nice inside. Crazy fast, eh?


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The ultimate CD exchange Experience

World wide, baby. World wide! I'm really struck by how the contributors decided to take photos of themselves with the CDs they received. Some pretty interesting compositions I must say. Darlin Hubby took my pic in the car. he was so excited to see the package that he brought it with him when he picked me up from the boss stop. I got mine all the way from the UK!

If you ever wondered what some of us wacky pod casters look like, well, today is your lucky day. Here's who's who:


Ross from Just gimme indie rock
who got his CD from FiL from Pogoagogo


SAS Radio
who got his CD from Cindy from Adzuki Bean Stash


Colin from And before the first kiss
who got his CD from Marcy from Lost in your inbox


Crash from Pretending life is like a song
who got his CD from Natalie from Mini-obs


Tim from The face of today
who got his CD from ZB from So the wind …


Chip from Atomic Ned
who got his CD from Jim from Quick before it melts


Liz from The Roaring Machine
who got her CD from SAS Radio


Coxon from To die by your side
who didn’t get his CD from Chip from Atomic Ned


Cindy from Adzuki Bean Stash
who got her CD from Tim from The face of today


Jim from Quick before it melts
who got his CD from Crash from Pretending life is like a song


ZB from So the wind …
who got his CD from Colin from And before the first kiss


Natalie from Mini-obs
who got her CD from Coxon from To die by your side


Marcy from Lost in your inbox
who got her CD from Ross from Just gimme indie rock


FiL from Pogoagogo
who got his CD from Liz from The Roaring Machine


Contrast Podcast #72: CD Swap

I stole Tim's html for this post. Ross from Just Gimme Indie Rock came up with the awesome idea.

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