Friday, December 12, 2008

4am slam over coffee

One of my artsy/fartsy buddies, Daniel Link is an amazing singer/songwriter. He's also a genuinely nice guy who has has been there, done that and then some...and often has uncanny insights on how the world works which he often records in his song writing. I was listening to the song "4am Slam Over Coffee" while walking in to work and was struck by the line:

I always try to give the benefit of the doubt even if the person is an asshole, because even assholes have bad days

That's a good one to nosh on. There are so many ways to interpret this song lyric! Even assholes can accidentally be nice? Even assholes are asshole? Even assholes should get a break? heh...I dunno.

Just got an IM from Ritch. Dude Penelope's farts it smells....bad human farts.

Poor kitten.


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