Tuesday, August 28, 2007

CHANT CD Release - That Which Divides...

... sure brought together a hell of a lot of people. I made it out (how could I not, Bradley's one of the most incredibly warm and endearing folks I've met in a long time) and it was so, so great. Unlike the last CD release we had hit up at Elysium, this time the sound guy had been around for a while, the club was open on time, and really my only gripe was how HOT it was in there - that's what I get for being a good old fashioned overlayered goth. I think the highlight of the pre-show for me was getting Dimitri from Tungsten Coil to roll his beer bottle across my back, oh man, that was heaven.

I've been waiting very impatiently for this CD release, honestly, ever since I first heard B play months and months ago and his Beginnings CD wasn't enough. I wanted "This Secret". I wanted it bad. And it wasn't on the CD I had, dagnabbit! The first time we saw him, he'd played it, and I immediately loved it, the feel of the song, the way it swells and grows and then breaks, Bradley with one arm in the air, "LOVE THIS PACT BETWEEN US" - even before I was able to make out all the lyrics (not always easy at live shows with no libretto, doncha know), I was in love with this song. Then the second time I saw him play it, Ritch from subNatural got up and sang it with him. Better and better!! I loved this, and the song was made even better by this amazing bond the two fellows have. They absolutely ooze this wonderful, warm camaraderie. It's infectious, and you just want to squeeze the two of them together in a big bear hug. Well, I do at least. At the release party, though, they topped it - the whole band (sN) got up and played the song together with Bradley, so I got Chant AND I got to see the guys from subNatural on my favoritest song. How's THAT for sweetness? I didn't care that I still hadn't figured out what the name of the song was, I just knew I was in happy fan heaven 'cause I got my favorite song with not one, not two, but a whole passel of mad sexy, talented musicians up there playing. I'm really curious how he's gonna top that NEXT time I see him play the song.

All in all, while I fell in love with Chant performances for the stage full of drums, I stay in love for the performance itself. Bradley is an incredible showman, he works the stage, he works the audience, he's accessible, warm, intense, and technically brilliant. And, lucky you, he's touring! So check out his dates, and if he's anywhere reasonable to get to, get yer butt to his show. I am *serious*. Just dress light, 'cause you'll undoubtedly find yourself dancing yourself breathless. And be sure you catch up with him after the show, he's an absolute darling if you get a chance to say hi.

Upcoming Shows:
Aug 31 - City Lights Bar (McAllen, Texas)
Sep 1 - Chapa’s (Brownsville, Texas)
Sep 20 - The Elysium (Austin, Texas)
Sep 21 - Rock Bottom Lounge (San Antonio, Texas)
Sep 22 - Lucky Devil's Bar (El Paso, Texas)
Sep 23 - Atomic Cantina (Albuquerque, New Mexico)
Sep 25 - Mad Studio 111 (Flagstaff, Arizona)
Sep 26 - Soul Invictus (Phoenix, Arizona)
Sep 27 - meets, greets, radio, and more!
(Los Angeles, California)
Sep 28 - Hot Monkey Love Cafe (San Diego, California)
Sep 29 - Bar Sinister (Hollywood, California)
Oct 26 - VooDoo Fest (New Orleans, Louisiana)
Oct 27 - VooDoo Fest (New Orleans, Louisiana)
Oct 28 - VooDoo Fest (New Orleans, Louisiana)

Chant's Myspace
Chant's Official Website
Purchase That Which Divides from CD Baby


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good time. Once again, congrats to Brad on the new album. I need to purchase a copy soon.

Friday, August 31, 2007  

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