Thursday, May 03, 2007

sore teeth evolving into sore belly...more random musings

I give up. I have no idea what this ailment I have could possibly be. Now, I'm having digestive issues and my top teeth now hurt.

Sarah suggested that maybe I'm grinding my teeth at night. That's a possibility, but my jaw doesn't feel sore. T thinks I'm sucking on my, okay.

As for the digestive issues, I'm wracking my head at moment. I woke up this way, so it may not have been something I ate since I was feeling fine last night before I went to bed. No rock star cooties to speak of. Maybe my cat farted in my face as I slept. I have no idea! Maybe it was the leftover couscous, but geeze, that's a pretty safe food to eat even cold. I'm a little bummed about needing to cancel my lunch date with Sandy (as she gives good healing hugs) due to this but at least I can manage to function at work.

Sammi, on the other hand, is really sick right now. When I say that, I mean, breathing is something worthy of popping open bottle of champagne and throwing a party. If snot were worth a dime a dribble, she'd be a millionaire by now. I have no idea what all she inhaled at Elysium, but it wouldn't surprise me if there was something in the fog machine. I've been going there for so long now, I probably just built up an immunity against whatever microbes that happen to thrive in dusty instrument cases, sheet white face powder, black eyeliner, hair extensions/dreadlocks, goth related fuzz and the roaming sweat-soaked PVC clad musician.

I've got an Andalusian dance class coming up on Monday. Flamenco+ Belly dancing! Now *that* should be fun. Issue is that I'm coming back from Houston Sunday evening, so I have a feeling I might be a wee bit worn out.



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