Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Oh FUCK! Mold....

I'm so upset I'm completely numb now.

My husband pulled the washing machine back today to look for one of our cats, Genghis, and discovered that there's a big chunk of wall behind said washer where the wall is black, fuzzy and soggy. Ah yes, there's slow leak in one of the washing machine's connection valves.

Now, I think the gods were trying to warn us about a leak since there was this old patched up area in the kitchen that looked a bit wonky a few weeks ago. Turns out the prior owners used cheap ass caulk to fix the crack and it was merely expanding due to the recent rains. T picked off the plaster and it looked fine (granted, we have a hole in the kitchen ceiling now). A freaking plumber came out and told us it looked fine! No one thought to check the utility room upstairs.

I'm miffed of course, but so miffed there's hardly any emotion coming out at this point. I'm just sitting here typing with Etouffee sitting on my lap. There goes another chunk of savings in a short amount of time. I suspect our trip to China is going to have to be postponed some more.

I discovered that Hippo has wracked up around $500 in vet bills in the past 3 months. They wanted to test her thyroid because she lost weight. HELLO, the cat is freaking obese. She could stand to loose a few pounds. Apparently she also has seasonal allergies...

I sometime wonder if vets bully people into spending money on tests they really don't need. Etouffee just had a $130 in lab work done because they were worried she had ringworm. The basic test indicated that she didn't but the vet suggested another test that my hubby try on her, as well as shampoo for all the cats, antibiotics, etc. My husband is a sucker for these things. I understand. He loves animals. I love them too, but just as we exercise caution on ourselves ("no thankyou, I don't need the steak knife set with my Cuisinart") the same goes for animals.


Anyhow, we washed all 3 cats today with that stinky shampoo I'm sure they don't need. I suppose giving them a bath is fine and all and I'm thankful Genghis didn't take out my eyesight (obviously Hippo and Etouffee are really easy to bathe) but I'm not looking forward to doing this several times a week until the second lab results come in. I look at Etouffee's foot and it honestly looks like she got a blister which doesn't look a thing like ringworm.

Black mold. We have freaking black mold growing in the utility room. Sheesh. I'm pissed.

This is starting to get a little rediculous.


Blogger Unknown said...

no problemo, just soak the drywall in clorox, close the door and let it dry really super dry. then buy some new connectors for the washer (if its the tubey part), if the leak is elsewhere, why a fuck load of duct tape will do wonders!!!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007  
Blogger cchang said...

T already got the mold people to come out. It'll be around $1000 to get everthing fixed. Thank god it wasn't more...

Wednesday, May 09, 2007  

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