Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Raagapella: From Raags to Riches

Ever since Adzuki Bean Pod #1: A is for Acapella came into existence, I've received numerous requests to post the full version of the song by Stanford University's Raagapella. I briefly mentioned them midway into the show. Indeed, "Yun Hi Chala" is very catchy and really, the entire CD is quite good. The arrangements aren't sappy, there's solid talent and the production quality of the CD itself is polished. This is definitely an album worth owning.

Besides, how many college acapella groups featuring South Asian music do you know of? Exactly.

Listen to:
"Yun Hi Chala/ Stay"
"Oh Carol"

Raagapella's Official Website
Purchase CD from Stanford EGroups

(photo from acappellanews.com)

Side note... how the hell does one spell Acapella? Here's a nice breakdown: www.singers.com/a-cappella.html I spell it in the Latin manner, BTW, but I think the Italian way is supposed to be more correct.


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