Monday, May 29, 2006

Gemesis Diamond and related rambling

God, these are fucking ugly:

Don't they look like piss?

What you are looking at are a pair of Gemesis light canary yellow diamonds. For the record, they've got the color wrong. Canary is much less saturated and does not exhibit the wonky greenish undertone that these have. I bought these after reading an intriguing Wired Magazine Article about the rise of cultured diamonds. I'm dissappointed that there was no mention of the differences during and after the cutting process. I cut stones myself and I can tell you I can "feel" a difference especially during polishing. Also, keep in mind these are real diamonds but grown above ground. They're not CZ or any other simulant. These are synthetics. Owning some conflict free diamonds was really appealing to me, but I think I'm going to have to return these.

The amount of nitrogen in the air is simply to high to lab grow a diamond that is colorless. However, I was expecting these to be a light yellow not some super-saturated piss yellow. Blargh! The issue is that the image of the diamonds was taken with a flash:

BTW, Be wary if you ever purchase something descibed as lab grown diamond (especially on Ebay). Russian Brilliants are fancy CZs, not lab diamonds. Asha dimaonds are also CZs. The only places that make genuine lab grown diamonds are Chantham, Gemesis and Takara. Often people mix the words sythetic and simulant up--even the Diamond Guy fucks up the terminology (recently, he claimed that Takara made CZs which is not true). If you ever want good diamond advice on the web, got to Diamond Talk or ask to speak to one of the lab people over at GIA. I'm also a good source of info too, by the way.


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