Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Victor Scott: Happy Days

Victor Scott's music is sexy.

When I say sexy, I mean in the *baum-chicka-baum-baum* Kristal champagne feather boas and heels make-out party way. Mr. Scott was kind enough to hook me up with a promo copy of his album and I really enjoyed it. Even though he showcases a lot of styles, the album is a slick and cohesive package. At times the sound he creates is invitingly seedy (think Soft Cell) such as the rhythmical 1970's porn-esque chanting in the title "Gotta Go." Other moments his music has a 1950's smarmy quality like in "Summer Rain." A few tracks are flat out zany like the song "Underpants" with its lyrics I love my underpants... the pants that go under my over pants. Not too big, not too small. Just the size of Montreal and "Air Stream" which would be perfect on a mix tape with DJ Gorowski's "Space Bandidos." This London born musician, who now lives in Vancouver BC, Canada has had ample training in jazz guitar but decided after 7 years to pursue his own compositions. You can hear a lot of jazz influence on his tracks.

Sultry, charming, fun and reminiscent of bygone eras. There's something for everyone on this album. Most importantly, Victor Scott is a unique artist and I'm definitely looking forward to his future releases. A bloody good album as Take Your Medicine put it. Indeed.

Listen To:
"Gotta Go"
"Air Stream"

Video for "Fortune Favors the Brave" (by Take Your Medicine)

Official Website
Victor's awesome photography
Victor Scott's Myspace
Buy Album at SVC Records


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