Wednesday, May 31, 2006

White Ghost Shivers: Everyone's Got 'Em

How did I go through my young adult life and not know about these guys sooner?

I'm talking about White Ghost Shivers and they did a concert at Emo's recently that apparently rocked the socks off of everyone. Unfortunately, I missed it as I was back home trying to help my mom deal with a massive colony of honey bees that set up shop in her roof. I kid you not. But, the fortunate thing is that I have seen them before.

The first time I head of White Ghost Shivers was when they performed a crazy rendition of "The Continuing Story of Buffalo Bill" during the Strings Attached presents the Beetles White Album concert a couple of weeks ago. Intrigued, I made a mental note to visit their website and check out some of their music. I should mention that there's TONS of media on their site with generous links to photos, music and video (be sure to check out "runs like a girl" and the photo op video). While visiting the local Cheapo's used CD store, I found a copy of their album Everyone's Got 'Em and fell in love with the 1920's flapper sound immediately.

These guys would nestle quite right on a compilation CD featuring the Asylum Street Spankers, Ditty Bops and the Dresden Dolls. Check em out!

Listen to:
"Weed Smoker's Dream"

White Ghost Shivers Myspace
Official Website
Buy albums at Chicken Ranch Records

(photo from Official Website)