Monday, September 10, 2007

Ballet Austin's Butler Center Grand Opening

T took a lot of amazing photos during the Ballet Austin Butler Center Grand Opening Festivities. The Butler Center is a community school devoted to dance education and the grand opening featured open classes all day yesterday as well as ongoing demonstrations. I took the hula and adult ballet and watched the pre-professional ballet, tap, jazz, Broadway fit and swing classes.

My whole body hurts now.

A lot.

Even my wrists hurt....and Hula dancing as soft and graceful as it is, is one hell of a work out, let me tell you!

So here are some pics we took. I especially like Darlin' Hubby's. He's a great photographer!

This is my favorite photo he snapped of the instructor and his reflection:

Cute one of my momma peeking into a classroom:

Cindy stretching:

Notice how crowded the studios were!

You can see people of all ages took that day:

The little red head is in my class at the Austin Conservatory where I study:

Kids hula dancing. Sooo cute:

This guy, who basically took every dance class offered was a hoot. I loved watching him. So exuberant and happy. Well coordinated and gosh darn cute.

The instructor for the Broadway jazz and tap classes really reminded me of Nathan Lang:

It's a shame that neither T nor I got a photo of the Hula teacher. She was drop dead gorgeous and super charming. In fact she introduced herself and shook hands with each of us before class started.

All in all, the building is really cool with multiple studios, a full theater and learning library. This allows them to have a much broader schedule with a vast variety of classes including some on Saturday. and I look forward to taking classes there in the future.

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Blogger heavy metal mom said...

Wow - those are great pictures! I love the one of your mom peeking in the room. You look so graceful as you are dancing and stretching, too!!!

I wish I had gone- I am sorry. We'll have to talk later about why I flaked on you.

Thursday, September 13, 2007  
Blogger cchang said...

I understand why you couldn't go. *hugs*
BTW, do you want your tarot read? I bought a deck that I love and I kinda actually enjoy doing readings. :)

Thursday, September 13, 2007  

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