Sunday, May 13, 2007

New theremin recording

Anyone know the composer and song? Monnie or Sandy you'd probably know...

Anyhow, I'm stoked I hit the opening note of the phrase dead on right when I turned the thing on. Yee haw.

Just ate a BIG bowl of yummy fruit: papaya, pineapple, strawberries, mangoes and grapes. :) I need that after all the alcohol and coffee I've been ingesting this weekend.

Had a wonderful dinner with my friend Beth last night and got to know Tracy from the UTLC and her fiance, Michael better. Beth showed us amazing photos from India of her daughter's wedding and she cooked us a delicious mexican meal. It was some sort of pork meatballs with chipotle over rice. She asked me to bring fruit as a side dish and it went really well with the meal and beer.

I'm definitely feeling better today. The hole in the ceiling has been fixed and the mold in the utility room removed. We just have to wait for the paster to dry before we move the washer back and all the expenses only came down to around $700, so I'm not as upset about all that anymore.

Cut T's hair and noticed that he's getting furry in the ears. It's kind of endearing but bizarre at the same time. Shopping trip, x-files and then some decompressing. Probably will practice more violin today if I can stand it. Otherwise, I'll clean the house.



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