Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Not performing this season

Ugh. I'm sick. Really REALLY sick.
I got over the cough thing after the weekend and now I have a drippy nose and congestion. I think God that the darling husband hasn't come down with anything. *knocks on wood*

The timing sucks of course (then again, when is it a good time to get sick?)
Mom's got the flu. Dad's recovering from a biopsy and mentally preparing himself for the upcoming chemotherapy.

Anyhow, I wrote madame director a long note about how I had to break contract and not be able to perform due to family issues and being sick. I already missed rehearsals from being so ill. 2 is the maximum you can miss before being cut, so I figured all as well for me to quit anyway. Baby fairies are a dime a dozen and I'm roughly the size of a 12 year old---they can find a sprightly replacement lickety-split. I don't think she's pleased as I hadn't gotten a reply. But, what does one do? Being in Sleeping Beauty just means so little to me now.

When I get better I plan on going back home regardless of what my mom says (she keeps telling me to stay out of her hair). They both need someone to take care of them at least a little, damnit! I figured I'd clean the house, cook some good meals, make sure bills are paid, and just try to be a pleasant presence etc. etc. I have 8 freaking weeks of vacation. I might as well use it.

Course, I won't let me dropping out of ballet deny you of a chance to see me in a tutu! It ain't pink and it doesn't have wings, but it sure is cute nonetheless. So, here we go:

As you can see it's a little smooshed on top, but you get the picture. Once the weather clears up, I'll take photos outside so you can see that it really is indeed shaped like a pancake sitting on one's hips. AND, I can barely make it though the door frame.

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Blogger Sammi said...

Frankly, I think a black tutu suits you better anyhow.

Maybe we need to have a "dress as an ElderGoth" excursion to Elysium as well as a "Dress as KinderGoth". *cackle* We could make wings out of pantyhose and everything!

... except I'd probably enjoy it way more than I should, and no one would get that we were kidding...

Thursday, February 22, 2007  
Blogger dasMobius said...

Hey Cindy, I hope that you feel better soon. If you don't mind me saying so, that picture of you in a tut is just the cutest thing!!!!

Have you been keeping up the the Year Zero stuff? It's pretty cool. I haven't looked at it since last week and suddenly see that there's a new song (found in another flash-drive in another European bathroom) and some new cool "commercial" on the Year Zero website. I wonder how many songs Trent and company plan to leak before the album comes out? (Get it? Trent "leaks" the album in European bathrooms! Haha!)

Friday, February 23, 2007  
Blogger dasMobius said...

Oh, no, I don't have pictures of those Phelps freakos. They're not scheduled to show up until May. I'll definitely get some pictures or video or something. Should be really interesting.

OK. Get healthy!

Friday, February 23, 2007  

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