Thursday, February 15, 2007

Fuck you, US Postal Service!

If I pay for Priority Shipping, I want my parcel to get there at least on time, if not early! Arrrrgh. I'm so angry. At the very least you guys could have delivered my dad's birthday gift on time. It may very well be the last birthday gift he'll ever get if he doesn't pull through. I'm about ready to tear my hair out here.

Oh, the universe is so cruel today!

My mom has the flu. She's the one taking care of my dad right now and she's fucking sick. She downed a packet of Theraflu this morning and drove through Houston rush hour traffic to get my dad back to MD Anderson to hear whatever news the doctors had for him.

They learned that the cancer has spread to his lungs. The primary tumor in his liver is too large to operate on, so he'll be undergoing chemotherapy in a couple of weeks. He has to go in next Wednesday for a biopsy to determine what stage the cancer is at. Tomorrow is some sort of pre-procedure...I sort of lost the details. Mom didn't feel like talking as she feels shitty and all. She's overwhelmed, and of course sick, so I imagine she wanted some peace and quiet today.

At least dad will get new music I thought to myself, but no, not even that could go right! He should have gotten it on Wednesday. Hearing that he didn't get his CDs I sent him just made me cry. What a crappy way to celebrate one's birthday.

I'm sick too. I can barely breathe. My nose won't stop running. My head's all stopped up. I'm nauseated and my back hurts. I think this goes beyond Cedar Fever. I wish I were well so I could go home and take care of mom and dad. I'm angry. Frustrated. Exhausted and I'm not even there.

Fucking post office. I'd be in better shape if that one stinking package could have made it there on time.

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