Thursday, February 15, 2007

especially rambly today

I bit my lip yesterday and now it's all swollen up. It could be sexy if it's symmetrical, but it just hurts. The crazier thing was I noshed down on my upper lip. How the hell did that happen? I was wolfing down a large plate of fennel salad all by my little old self in front of the TV. After getting off the phone with mom and hearing the sad tale of how she only had 2 pieces of toast to eat while waiting in the hospital for 7 hours for my dad's barrage of examinations, I was feeling major hunger pains myself. After all, I had a hard time eating myself knowing my parents were at the hospital.

I'm not sure why fennel salad is comfort food for me, but it happens to be. The combination of lime juice, sliced mushrooms and shaved parmesan always calms my nerves. I need to thank Orangette for that recipe....

Yesterday of course was Valentine's day. My husband and I pretty much don't celebrate so normally, it isn't a big deal, but I must say yesterday just took the cake in terms of awful Valentine's. Heck, I was feeling so grumpy that I was posting these images everywhere I existed in cyber space:

Yeah, anyway...that's how I felt yesterday.

I had acquired 2 free speakers from work only to discover that the AC adapter was broken. I'm sure the rattling sound was a clue, but I was so intent on using my free gift I went ahead and contorted myself all behind, around, in and under the computer credenza to get things all hooked up. Oy, was I annoyed. Darling husband, being the darling that he is, went out and got me new speakers. So, that was my Valentine's day gift.

I then ate a bowl of chili to wash down the depression. That was okay, but my lip had already started swelling so chewing was difficult.

My lungs hurt today. I'm sure I caught a cold since everyone seems to be sick. However, there's also bad Cedar Fever going on as well.

Today is my dad's birthday. He's in the hospital and I'm sure feeling just as grumpy as me. Telling him "Happy Birthday" just seems absurd, so I'm going resort to telling him "Many good wishes for you birthday instead." I'm still pondering over the whole desire to be dumped into the backyard garden if he has to be cremated. If I get cremated, I wanna be made into a diamond. Seriously, that would be so appropriate for me. It would be a great conversation piece:

I'm wearing grandma on my finger
whaddaya mean?
Seriously! I'm literally wearing her. Her carbon molecules have been mushed into a diamond!


Man, I really cannot concentrate today. I feel awful.

Sammi wants me to join myspace. She even sent me an invite and I'm debating. It seems like that's what people are using the most to network with one another and its good for keeping in touch with other bands, but at the same time, I like not being that easy to find.

One of my tutus arrived a couple of days ago. This one is black and pancake styled. Tutus are so ridiculous. It's impossible to not look cute in one.

Trent decided to cater to his overly analytical NINers and release a secret code in his most recent tour t-shirts. Can you figure it out? I have to say, it's brilliant and creative marketing. Here's the discussion thread that deciphered it. This is like They Might Be Giant's dial a song, but infinitely better.

My husband and I were bored and took an online body fat test. He's 8%. I'm 15%. I doubt it's accurate, but if you're also bored this is something you can do that kills about 5-10 minutes.

Ugh, I think I need to go home early today...I feel like crap!

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