Tuesday, January 16, 2007

the fluff that launced a thousand tunes

Hippo has inspired yet another song!
My brother sent this to me today and it features his fantastic guitar work as well as the glockenspiel my mom got him for Christmas some years ago. He slapped it together using Audacity and voila! A new hippo song. I love the title too:

"Hippo Dances in the Rain"

Isn't that the cutest imagery?

Of course, she'd be dancing in this motha-fucking ice storm right about now dodging ice pellets. Ugh...we can't get our mailbox open. It's completely fused shut at the moment.

That's not too bad, but I am concerned about driving conditions. Us Texans aren't used to driving in harsh weather like this. You've got your scaredy cats like me who will inch super slow and those crazy soccer moms in their SUVs who think they're invincible. They closed the upper deck of I35 today and the stretch to Georgetown only just now opened. Yikes!

Speaking of bad weather conditions, I'm still utterly fascinated by snow. It's just so strange how it makes no sound as it comes down. It's fluffy. It doesn't look like those pretty snowflakes you cut out from paper for elementary school projects. It doesn't taste like anything either (I maintain that rain water has flavor whether it be pollution or what not). Snow is so powerful that it inspires me to run out of the house wearing mismatching pajamas two jackets, socks and clogs just so I can stand outside with my mouth open and look like an idiot:

Fortunately, UT is closed tomorrow. I get another day of vacation and another attempt at getting my sleep schedule back on track. However, this also means that my first day of my new job is delayed yet again. I guess that isn't too bad, but it is kind of strange. I suspect I'll have more catching up to do than before. But enough of that...

Because of the cold, my cats are snuggling more than usual. In fact, they don't normally sleep together. In fact, Genghis and Hippo fight all the time, but here they are snuggled up in the warmth of our bed:

Genghis looks like a passed out college student.

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