Wednesday, January 03, 2007

What's wrong with them carrots?

I swear to God I have the weirdest issues with supermarket cashiers and their lack of knowledge of root veggies. This is not the first time. No indeed it isn't.

Again, greeted by an adorable teenager, this time Latina with glitter eyeshadow, another abomination occurred. My precious parsnips were mistaken for a common vegetable!

What's wrong with them carrots? Why they white an all?

This is marginally better than that chick who got the rutabaga mixed up with the onion, but Christ, the cellophane package even said "parsnips." If she looked at the computer monitor when she scanned, she would have noticed my fragrant and delectable rooties were indeed much more interesting than a mere carrot. Ugh.

But, to add insult to injury, she stared at my beets with with awe and confusion (I was making roasted root medley for dinner, by the way) and had to galls to go:

And what are these? Spinach or something?

To give her credit, they did still have the greens attached. So, at least she was using her brain a little. I calmly explained that they were beets.

I thought these things come in cans... fishing around for the scan tag and thumbing through her produce code book not believing me.

It's not like those things are born inside of tin houses or that they roam around in Wyoming waiting to get shot, processed and preserved. What did she think beets were? A relative of tuna? I just couldn't believe it.

For fucks sake, people. Feed your children more vegetables. There are plenty of things much more tastier than broccoli and peas.

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Blogger sarah said...

that's hilarious. yet so sad...

Friday, January 05, 2007  

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