Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Anyone who has ever been mesmerized by a drum line knows that sometimes all you need is pure rhythm and Russia's Nambavan does this beautifully with his newest album Last Night the Dj Shaved My Ass. What a great title!

Is this merely a computer geek prone to making experimental sound? Indeed no. His prior albums Sex, Drugs and Russian Girls and Chechnya On a Dance Floor are homages to disco, pop rock and dance. Although his newest album veers more on the experimental side, it's still very listenable.

So who all influenced Mr. Nambavan? As mentioned on one of my favorite sites, WM Recordings:
His musical diet consists of Blondie, the Sex Pistols, Cerrone, Sonic Youth, Jimi Hendrix, Iggy Pop, The Doors, Giorgio Moroder, Donna Summer, Madonna, Supermax, and the Bee Gees.

Listen to (courtesy of WM Recordings):
"Last Night the DJ Shaved My Ass"
"Sad Song"
"Liver" (from Sex, Drugs and Russian Girls)

Nambavan's Official Web Site
Weird Music Recordings


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yeah, I really dig his programming.

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