Sunday, October 08, 2006

Karsh Kale: Broken English

I finally got my copy of Karsh Kale's Broken English in the mail the other day and I must say, I'm greatly pleased. Although it is a good bit different from the Indian infused atmospheric electro-pop that I fell in love with from Liberation and Realize, Kale's newest studio album still offers richs sounds and amazing vocals, albeit with a heavier hand. Broken English contains more elements of hip-hop, dance and pop-rock due in part to the various guests artists featured including Midival Punditz, Crystal Method, and rapper MC Napolean.

The song "Dancing at Sunset" displays Kale's gift for merging East and West soundscapes beautifully with sophisticated pop vocals while "Hole in the Sky" showcases his trademark musical programming skills.

All great musicians evolve and that's exactly what Karsh Kale is doing. Like his other albums, I think this one will also easily get better with age.

Listen to:
"Dancing at Sunset"
"Hole in the Sky"

Karsh Kale's Official Website
Karsh Kale's Myspace
Buy Broken English from Amazon
Six Degree Records (I pretty much like everything from this label)


Anonymous Shawn said...


Sunday, October 08, 2006  
Anonymous cchang said...

Yeah, he's pretty darn good. Have you checked out his earlier CDs?

Monday, October 09, 2006  

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