Monday, July 16, 2007

Skinny Puppy: Mythmaker and The Greater Wrong of the Right DVD

Skinny Puppy kicks ass! That is a tautology. The latest Skinny Puppy merchandise which I have proudly purchased is their latest album, Mythmaker, and the Greater Wrong of the Right Live DVD.

I just want to say that Skinny Puppy's recent work has definitely got my stamp of approval. I honestly love everything they're doing these days and can't think of a single thing to go against it.

The Greater Wrong of the Right is often interpreted as an anti-Bush album, and I guess Mythmaker follows on that theme? Really I have no idea. This is Skinny Puppy, the lyrics are in the abstract stream-of-consiousness style. So the lyrics can mean almost anything (or absolutely nothing) - it's really up to you to decide for yourself. (I don't "understand" what the lyrics are supposed to be about, but to me, that's great!)

If you watch The Greater Wrong of the Right Live, you get to see Ogre dressed up as Batman dressed up as a demented surgeon. That alone is already worth the price of the DVD. I've never seen Skinny Puppy live... or have I? I'm actually not really sure. I've seen Ogre in his "solo act" ohGr. In fact, I saw them in Austin in 2001. You see, cEvin Key was on drums for the tour, and since Ogre + cEvin Key = Skinny Puppy (now, at least), I almost feel like I did see Skinny Puppy, only they played ohGr songs. I was right at the front of the stage with my brother. Sweat from Ogre's hair actually flew into my eye. What an honor! In fact, my brother and I should be in the ohGr video for "Minus" somewhere, but I've never been able to spot either one of us in the crowd. I guess we didn't look freaky or excited enough.

This wasn't supposed to be an ohGr post, but what the Hell... here's the video for "Minus:"

Instead of putting an mp3 up for download, I'll just be lazy and refer you to the Skinny Puppy myspace (link below). Check out the song "Pasturn" (this was the song I would have put up as an mp3 anyway). It's beautiful. While you're at it, listen to the other three songs they have up right now.

Buy Mythmaker at Amazon
Buy Greater Wrong of the Right Live DVD at Amazon
Skinny Puppy website
ohGr website
Skinny Puppy myspace

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Anonymous Mr Rossy said...

wow, i haven't listened to Skinny puppy in years, great band. Do you think they may have been the 1st nu metal band (before it was rubbish). Rock on !!!

Thursday, July 19, 2007  
Anonymous cchang said...

I never thought of Skinny Puppy as nu metal, but maybe? Did industrial come right before nu metal?

Eh mediamax is giving me issues, so posting mp3s has been kinda difficult lately. Grrrrr....:(

If you watch The Greater Wrong of the Right Live, you get to see Ogre dressed up as Batman dressed up as a demented surgeon.

Okay, *this* I have got to see!

...BTW, have you gotten a chance to work on "Fire Exit" Shawn? I want to give Tim *something* for his upcoming wedding.

Thursday, July 19, 2007  
Anonymous Mr Rossy said...

Maybe i'm thinking of the wrong band, but yeah, industrial was way before..

Friday, July 20, 2007  
Anonymous Mr Rossy said...

I am rather ditzy, so it probably is the wrong band, ha !!

Friday, July 20, 2007  
Anonymous cchang said...

Ya know, for whatever reason I got Skinny Puppy and Ministry mixed up for the longest time and for no real good reason either. They don't sounds that much don't feel bad!

Saturday, July 21, 2007  

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