Tuesday, July 31, 2007

in laws and coping

I just drank a whole bottle of Riesling in a 15 minute time span. German Riesling, mind you. My inlaws would approve, but I guzzled it down because they're driving me bonkers. They're driving T bonkers too.

I just made hot sauce with 3 habenero peppers, 2 roasted chipotle peppers, 2 serrano peppers and other hot sauce related stuff. Bill, my FIL, likes really hot sauce. He told me if I were to cook for him, I need to make the hottest sauce possible. I know I made it hot because his face turned red when he tasted it and he was sweating bullets but his comment to me was "Oh. It's okay. I can sort of feel the burn." He hasn't eaten any more. My poor husband and step-mother-in-law are drinking lots of water because they thought his comment meant that it wasn't really *that* hot.

I know how to make really hot sauce.

Anyhow, I insisted that I made the batch just for him. Bill pushed the bowl towards me and went "Well, why don't you have some since you think it's that good?"

To spite him I took a huge scoop with my chip and chomped on it in front of him. I think the raised eye brows indicated that he was impressed. I think my hubby is mortified. I'm disappointed in myself for feeling the need to one-up Bill, but oh well.

The fortunate thing is that I can take heat well and if you don't let the substance near the tip of your tongue you're okay. But, here I am typing away, hiding in a sense with a rumbling tummy from consuming a sauce made out of pure hot peppers. My way of calming all of this down is by guzzling tons of this supposedly "super dry" Riesling that Jay got me for my Bday. "Cause you're a sour puss. It's as dry as you are..."

The Riesling is super sweet, BTW.

It's actually really good with a multidimensional bouquet and smooth fruity flavor. A touch of muscat and pineapple I detect...I ain't sharing more than I already have (Anna and Bill each got a sip.) Anyway, either Jay messed up when he purchased it or he really meant to say I was fruit baket. Maybe he thinks I'm sweet.

Or, in my quasi tipsy state, I'm just over analyzing things. Oh well, I don't care. The magic German Riesling takes heat away immediately. If Bill wants a competition with hot sauce, bring in on Babe!

Oy. I'm a mess. Gotta go finish preparing dinner...

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Blogger kokopelliwoman said...

OMG. Jay would say that. Water. Lots. This was soooo painful, and soooo funny. I could see every bit of that happening. You're cookin'dear! I love your writing.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007  
Blogger cchang said...

Thanks. :)
In retrospect it's funny, although at the time I was not too excited about nursing my hot sauce burns by drinking down a bottle of wine that was meant to be shared amongst friends/family (or at the very least with a lovely fish dinner) like a seasoned lush while contemplating how inappropriate the phrase "drinking from Jay's bottle" could potentially read....
Heh. Glad you enjoyed the post.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007  

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