Wednesday, May 16, 2007

kitty paws psi

Once again, I have another medallion sized bruise on one of my arms from Hippo trying to decide whether or not she wants to lie down and snuggle with me, or go off and her her own thing. She walks up to me, steps onto my arm, puts all her weight on her one paw, lifts her other as if she's going to stroke her chin in deep thought (although she never does)and just stands there. Thinking. Or maybe she spaces out. I have no idea. Usually she finally decides after 5 minutes or so to collapse on top of me and start snoring loudly.

Granted, this always occurs late at night when I'm in the midsts of deep slumber so I'm usually too tired to shoo her off, but it's not cool getting purple and blue spots on my extremities. They don't even pass as bar brawl markings.

Etouffee on the other hand thinks its a good idea to sit on my face or roll up into a ball and curl up in the nook of my neck. If I move away, she skootches closer. If I pull the covers over my head, she burrow underneath. I kid you not. It's cute, yes, I think it's cute...however, annoying as hell because I haven't been able to get any sleep!

They're so polite around my husband. I don't know what the deal is.

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