Monday, November 13, 2006

Natural Q

(image from petite

If you like Portished or smooth jazzy bossa nova infused vocal stylings, check out this Taiwanese band, Natural Q. In case you're wondering what their band name means, quew-quew is the affectionated word for "curly" in Taiwanese. Hence, given that vocalist Waa and instrumentalist Chico both sport naturally curly locks, Natural Q is a suitable name for the two.

The sound is mellow and deceptively acoustic until you notice the electronic bits added in for mood. It's the perfect kind of music to listen to on a rainy day while sipping a latte curled up with your favorite book.

As always a big shoutout to Island of Sound the best source of Taiwanese Indie pop and rock.

Listen to:
"99 Drops Tear"

Natural Q official Website
Petit Mort profile on Natural Q


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cool. Their sound has a latin feel to it - at least with this song.

Monday, November 13, 2006  

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