Thursday, November 16, 2006


How could you possibly resist an adorable 4 piece Taiwanese punk band, especially one with a lead singer named "Mei-Mei" (which means "little sister") called Ladybug? The line up has changed over the years from 4 hot chicks to 2 hot chicks and 2 effete but cute guys, and yet, the talent has remained the same. These guys are definitely one of Taiwan's most influential indie-punk groups and have performed around the world including the famed New York club CBGB.

The band's Engrish is definitely noticeable (for example, some copies of their CD have track 12 as Instrumental while others are printed with Instrument) and yet, the accents and slaughtered grammar somehow add to the songs.

Titles like Motorcycle and Fuck off Creep will get your adrenaline running with its pure punk rawness while ballad pieces such as Are we Still Friends? can make even the hardest ass go emo for a few minutes. Check out some of the lyrics to the latter song:

Why lie? When you smile to me
Why trick? When you play with me
I don't understand,I don't understand,
Why hate? When you're behide me
Why laugh? When I get down my knees
I don't understand. What's in your fucking head?

For the most part, this is sugary lightweight girl punk and definitely not in the caliber range of the Donnas but just as entertaining and easy on the eyes and ears.

Listen to:
"Are we Still Friends?"

Ladybug's Official Website
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(photo courtesy of Island of Sound)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah those girls are hot! I dig their Engrish too. You're right, it adds a nice quality. It's cute.

(But there's evidently words in the Instument(al) song... I guess it's mosly instumental though, so fair enough...)

Thursday, November 16, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah I know...kinda confusing. Ah well. Technically the voice is an instrument, I guess.

Friday, November 17, 2006  

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