Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Contrast Podcast #34: Musicians Introduce Their Own Songs

Once again, Tim Young (you should know who is is by now!) from the Face of Today has amassed a talented and dynamic group of musicians for this episode of contrast podcast. Among them is one of my absolute favorite singer songwriters from Texas, Salim Nourallah who contributes The World is Full of People... a fantastic song that was written for his darling son, who also introduces the song.

Michael and Belinda Morris of the Angelic Strings also appear with their trademark "Celtic Blues" sound and I was also very excited to see songstress Allison Crowe and Tim Young himself in this show as well. If you are amongst those who are missing Schrodinger's Cat a great deal, give Tim a try. He's got the big beat acapella thing down.

Contrast Podcast 34: "Musicians Introduce Their Own Songs"

Plenty of new musicians to check out and enjoy!

Anyhow, tomorrow is Thanksgiving in the US, so I've got family over and am busy preparing stuff for tomorrow's gorge fest. Mmmmmm, pumpkin custard. Till then, happy Turkery day!


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