Monday, August 21, 2006

Camille: Le Fil

I figured I'd take a break to gush about how much I love MP3 in point, Short Attention Span Radio and The Face f Today who were the first to expose me to the French singerCamille. (This is not the same as the dance pop singer Camille from the US, although, she's not bad either)

If you know anything about me, you'll know that I love acapella music. Hence, upon SAS radio's suggestion, I purchased Le Fil and have been listening to it regularly. Interestingly, all the tracks have a drone in a B major pitch going through it and it parallels the album art with the one continuous string that goes from cover to cover. It's really hard to classify her sound---Bobby McFerrin comes to mind, but I think she's in a genre all of her own. Tim from theFace of Today has posted about her on numerous occasions and has links to live performance videos of this talented musician. It's really cool watching her record her voice and do multitracking in front of an audience.

Listen to:
"Janine I"
"Janine II"
"Janine III"

Camille's Official Web Site
Buy Le Fil at Amazon


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