Monday, August 14, 2006

eating a blueberry pie now

Yum Yum. I baked a blueberry pie Saturday evening at around midnight. You'd think I wouldn't want to eat anything after Monica's Meatfest party and for a long while I didn't. Mmmm, brisket. The sad thing was that the night before, My cousin, husband and I all went out to Hooters and gorged on hotwings, burgers and fried pickles. Hence, I was feeling a wee bit indigestion. Still, I was craving a blueberry pie and we had blueberries, so I made one completely from sratch. Now I'm eating it.

Spealing of blue, my friend Sandy made me a gorgeous needle point of bluebonnets. She's a needlepoint Goddess. Seriously. Hence, I'm very happy to have one of her pieces. :)

Going back to Monica...I wish all kids were like hers. Her kids are super creative, easy going, respectful of adults, but not afraid of them. I gave Monica a pendant I made and she gave it to her you youngerst daughter as a birthday gift. I received a cute handmade card from her at the party and thought that was so sweet. I arrived with two bracelets in hand for each of the kids and they truly seemed appreciative. Since it was a prototype design, some of the loops were wonky and they'd come running over asking me to fix it--never once complaining that it wasn't perfect or anything. Sweet girls.

Sunday I spent 8 hours working- Contract work from T's company. I'm all bug-eyed now but hey, it's extra spending cash.


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