Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Penn and Teller Bullshit Show

I don't watch TV much, hence, no cable at home. Thank God for the internet though. A friend on my LJ list (aka Rog...Mr. 3-hrs-away-from-a bachelor's-degree-but-just-got-way-too-burnt-out-to-finish-that-one-class)posted links to uploaded videos of Penn and Teller's Showtime series Bullshit. This show is like Myth Busters but a lot funnier and with a lot more cussing.

There are always two sides to every story, so Penn and Teller go and tell you the sides that no one wants to hear. Here are some favorites of mine (probably not safe for conservative ears and eyes):

Weight Loss Bullshit and How Envirnmental Groups are Bullshitting You

How Mahatma Ghandi and Mother Teresa were a bit unholy

How Recycling Generally Doesn't Work

How Biblical Literalism is Unfounded Utter Bullshit

The dialog and interviews are entertaining enough to listen to at work without watching the screen. Visuals definitely make it funnier though.

People get really worked up over these though. Grrr...it's just another viewpoint. I can say, I'm a spiritual person, but I wasn't offended at all. I did learn a few things---for instance genetically modified foods do get tested much more rigorously than other food strains. That Buns of Steel chick is really not attractive, etc. etc.


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