Monday, May 01, 2006

The Alpha Conspiracy

I was revisiting the AMODA (Austin Museum of Digital Arts) website and was browsing through the musician files. Among them was Alpha Conspiracy who had contributed to AMODA's digital showcase exhibition- a bi monthly event that features live music and digitial art which amounts to a very non-fru-fru and highly engaging social art opening. I had heard of this group a few years ago from a classmate of mine and filed away the information in the back of my head to check out later, but forgot. It's as a shame as I've missed out.

Alpha Conspiracy has a very polished and luxious sound full of rich and suprisingly organic sonic layers thanks to its genius creator, Andrew Sega (aka "Necros") who was also one of the founding members of Straylight Productions, which produces video game music. The following mp3s are from the official website which also includes rare/unreleased tracks.

Listen to:
"Wishing Never"

Buy the album Aura from CD Baby.