Sunday, April 23, 2006

Shitty Embarassing Web site...

No, that that kind of web site. However, out of curiosity, I googled my really old, craptacular, gothy (*shudder*) photo website and got around 300 hits. Ack! How did this happen? I need to take it down. Problem is, I don't remember my angelfire password and the e-mail I used to register with them no longer exists. Oh well...I guess it's gonna just have to live in the electronic ether for a little while longer.

On a different note, someone from San Diego found this site while googling Chuk's blog. Heh. If it was Chuck...yeah, I read your rants. They're funny as hell. BTW, Asian cookbooks call for Sherry because it's the best substitue for rice wine.

Then again maybe it's Mr. F who has had a crush on him since 92 trying to dig up dirt on him. Funny how straight gals fall for gay men and gay men fall for straight men. Oh well.

Usually, and not suprisingly, the top key word search for this site is "Adzuki" or "what do adzuki beans look like" Use google image. It's faster...and prettier!

But lately, I've been getting lots of queries for "meet and greet Trent Reznor Rob Sheridan" followed closely by "foot fetish." Oy. So sad. And of course, I'm fucking with the search engines by posting these words yet again. For the record, I've never met Rob. I've seen him from afar numerous times, he accidentally brushed past me once, and he's in the foreground in couple of my concert photos, but that's it. No interesting Rob stories to tell. Sorry. Since a couple of e-mails have trickled in, I'll put in a reminder that I don't know the guy. But since you got this far and you're probably mildly disappointed, here's one of those pics I mentioned earlier:

So yeah, there you go. He's the dude with camera. Satisfied?
Anyway, just traipse on over to his blog located on the side bar thinggie to your right and get your Rob fodder there. It's always a good read whenever he has the chance to update the thing.

Yawn. I guess I ought to go to bed. I'm getting tired.


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