Friday, April 14, 2006

Johnny Luck

As the dutiful older sister it's my job to thoroughly embarass my little brother on a semi-regular basis.

Actually, I think I'm the only one who calls my brother "Johnny Luck" and I'm not sure what name he came up with for his band since it seemed like every time he brainstormed a new one, it was already taken. I figured this pic of him with the stuffed harp seal best describes his style: hauntingly beautiful yet rediculously silly at the same time. Okay, I suppose the picture isn't hauntingly beautiful, but it certainly is silly! However, considering more than one person came up with the description without the influence of others, it's safe to say it is a safe combination of words.

He's sort of the Asian equivalent to Jack Black for lack of better words. How about you decide? Here's the mp3 for "2 Dolphins"

In case the swoony lyrics are hard to understand, here they are:

You will notice
on my MySpace there are two little dolphins
for you to see.
And you may wonder why I adore them
so much!!!!!

My dolphins don't talk shit about me
when I'm not around
My dolphins don't lie to me
They just let me
love...and love.....and love.....them
And kiss.....and kiss....and kiss them
Share my love
Yes they do

My dolphins are so wonderful
If only they had tits
And beautiful eyes
If only they were human
If only they

As I mentioned when I first posted about this in my regular blog, it could very well be a classic in the making and an anthem for all oceanographers and dolphin fetishists around the world. Ideally SeaWorld would buy the rights to the song and my brother can quit his cushy and high-paying, albeit boring job. If you get a chance, please pop on over to his myspace account and say hello.


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