Friday, April 14, 2006

Adzuki...the band, not the bean...and not me

I can easily tell you that I was slightly suprised a couple of years ago when I flipped open an AP magazine and noticed that there was a band called "Adzuki." Now, I'm an old fart. I've used this moniker for a long time (more than 12 years...even back when my 28.8 modem was hot shit), so naturally, I felt mildly territorial. I can't hold it against them that they found a cute word in the dictionary and had every intention of changing it, but apparently it stuck, as the story goes. Anyow, these younguns (they're all teenagers, I believe) are the ones who need to get their name out, not me, so I figured I'd make my first music post about them. As an aside, people need to know more about adzuki beans because they sure do make lovely sweets but I digress.

I thank God that I share a user name with a band that's actually quite good. They've got a strong non-sugary pop-rock sound to them and the lead singers diction and intonation is dead on. This isn't your average high school garage band entertaining youths at birthday parties. These guys are really good and if they sound this great and mature now, I can't imagine how amazing they'll be when they finally hit their mid 20's. I hope to see them live one of these days if I can find the means to traipse on over to the continent of Europe. Perhaps they might tour over here soon. Not sure, but do please check out their myspace and official website.

Listen to "Five/ Four" off of their EP of the same title. You can purchase their albums at here at HMV.


Anonymous heavy metal mom said...

I love that song- thanks!!! I love all the half-steps they use and the guitar bridge is cool.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Enjoyed a lot! ยป

Tuesday, March 06, 2007  

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