Friday, April 14, 2006

Maiden Voyage: First Post

So what should one expect from this humble little music blog? There's really no unified theme here, but essentially every musician I post about will either be someone I know, someone I've seen or someone whose music I own. This basically contains stuff I like (I promise I won't overdo the NIN postings) and I'll try to focus on Texas indie bands, the weird and the unknown, but if something mainstream slips in every now and then, forgive me as even mainstream songs have impacted my life as well.

If you find a musician/band that you enjoy, please take the time to read up on them, buy their CDs and if possible, see them live. Most importantly, spread the word. Although I fully support downloading music and think bittorrent technology is amazing, I do make an effort to buy a band's CD or attend their concerts if I'm into their music. It's not only supporting the band that is important, but I also see this as supporting the graphic artist, web designers, roadies, light technicians, venue owners, etc.

It's very humbling when one realized the sheer number of the plethora of musicians out there. So much of it is unknown and so much of it is freaking good.

Anyway, check back here every now and then. I plan on having at least one post per week and a themed podcast monthy. Before I finish this post, I need to say thanks to three sites that really inspired me to do this. Please check these guys out (and the other links they post). You won't be dissappointed:

Face of Today
Short Attention Span Radio

Great for days when you just don't feel like being productive at work.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This, my friend, was an awesome idea.

Your posts are very interesting - can't wait to hear

Tuesday, April 18, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cool. :) We definitley should do a Audioslave pod cast one day. Imagine ALL of your favorite audio slave songs in one show!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006  
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