Tuesday, March 14, 2006

4 years already and the jealous cat

As I am typing right now I have got the wost case of hives EVER. The welts have banned together with their fellow contry men and are migrating across my nose bridge in order to merge with the cluster colony that decided to reside on my right cheek. I've also got the Popeye look at the moment where my left eye is fushed shut by the enormous hive sitting on my lid. This all started during a colleague's code review (not what cuased it though) and I must say, there's nothing more nerve wracking than having one's boss stare at you every now and then to see if you still look like a purple spotted monster. My face is on fire and it ain't because I'm hot, baby. But, that's not what this post is about...

March 9th was our 4 year wedding anniversary. As a gift, Darling Husband cleaned the house including the stove and the icky kitchen sink. When I mean clean, I mean clean. I remember peering down into the trash disposal and thinking huh. It is chrome down in there.He also gave me a dozen pink roses except I had to discover them as I walked around the house. As it is tradition to get one rose per year we've been married, the 1st four made sense. I wanted to take pics of them, but then my husband screamed "Om take pics upstairs!!!!" I asked why. He answered: "Just TAKE PICS UP STAIRS!!!!"

OK. The man wants me to take pics up stairs. I quickly figured out there was more to my gift. When I found the 5th rose I mentioned that we had only been married 4 years. He answered with "Well, they do come in dozens after all..."

"Do they come cheaper that way?" I asked. To which he replied: "You say the most romantic things."

Anyhow, he was being romantic and I thought it was sweet of him (I have to admit cleaning the house was a more impressive gift). Here we are smootching:

I also got 2 pieces of Sacher Torte from La Madaline and a new chromatic tuner for the harp. Yay! After arranging the flowers in a vase, I made several failed attempts at having my cat pose with them. Here's one:

What is up with Hippo? I swear she looks pissed that I made her stand next to the flowers. They're invading my space! Hmph!
What you can't see is my husband's hand firmly planted on her rump so that she doesn't run off.

While some people take a bazillion pictures of their kids, we do so with our cats. We have 3: Genghis (brown tabby), Molly (Ragdoll mix), and Hippo (Siamese Ragdoll mix). Genghis is Travis's cat. He raised her since she was a kitten, so naturally I'm seen as competition. She has her "quiet time" with Travis each evening where she nuzzles his beard. She's been doing this every night for her entire life. If I happen to be in the room, she'll stare me down until I leave. If Travis is away and I'm the only one sleeping in the room she'll make it a point to sleep in the laundry room far away from me. Sarah highly suggests that I should watch my back lest she murders me in the middle of the night. I can't help but feel a little rejected...or nervous. You never know, jealous kitty might be more willing to scratch my eyeballs out as each happy year of marriage goes by.


Blogger heavy metal mom said...

I LOVE that picture of Hippo!

I'm lucky that Blake just had the dog and she LOVES me- I celebrated our 9 years of knowing each other with giving her a nice long head scratch and a treat.
I doubt she remembered the day we met, but I do, and that's what counts.

You and Trav look adorable together - he's gotten so much more grown up in the last couple of years - more mature and taller? Is that possible?

Thursday, March 16, 2006  
Blogger cchang said...

No, it's just the goatee and long hair that makes him look older. Height and weight are the same.

Friday, March 17, 2006  

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