Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Lookin like a druggie and Podcast #8

I have 2 huge bruises on my arms this morning due to yesterday blood drawing mishap involving a vet tech intern, a tensed out Cindy and a crowded clinic.

Both my arms hurt and oddly, I can't straighten them at my sides so I just feel plain awkward. As my darlin husband recapped to his buddies:

Student: "Hang on, I think I got it".
*Cindy yowls*
Student: "Oh, oh, no. Ok, NOW, I have it"!
*Cindy yowls louder*
Teacher: "No, you're doing it wrong. Do it like this" *demonstrates, and Cindy yowls* "Ok, now try again."
*Cindy runs screaming from the room, wearing only the hospital gown*

Not too far off. I won't even go into the acrobatics of the urine test that followed...

Essentially I've got 2 pricks on my left arm from the med tech student and on on my right from the veteran nurse although both arms bruised up. This normally doesn'thappen. In fact, druggies and nurses alike tell me I have fabulously large veins. I think the whole fiasco all stared when I walked in and the tech timidly mentioned that she was a student on her first day, and then I got tense....and then my veins cowered in fear.

She went after my left vein twice--the first time completely missing and the second time hitting it, but not forcing the tip of the needle in deep enough to allow for the blood to flow freely into the test tube. That's when it started to pool up beneath the dermis and I started to feel icky and swoony.

Anyhow, I wore my most pathetic, wimpy, puppy eye face and longingly looked towards the direction of the supervising nurse channeling "Help me. Help me! Heeeellp Meeeeee." She took notice and stuck me in the other arm while cooing words of comfort. Oy. She was a pro, so she got 2 test tubes worth easily, but by then I was so rattled and tense. I didn't even notice the other med tech forgot to take off the arm band from my left arm until the nurse pointed it out to her.

To add insult to injury, both my hubby and I are feeling awful this morning. Headachy, sore and stopped up. I suspect we caught something from the waiting room although we both already got our flu shots, so I'm hoping this will pass. Bleah.

In totally unrelated news I did find the time to upload podcast #8. This time featuring harps and harpsichords. You can literally hear my voice get hoarse and crud filled as the episode goes on. :(


Blogger heavy metal mom said...

awww. that totally sucks. I've been stuck by inexperienced vampires too. That's what I call plebodomists - I don't know how to friggin' spell that.

I'll be listening to podcast 8 as I work my ass off today!

Love ya!

Thursday, December 07, 2006  
Blogger cchang said...

Cool! Were you able to get to it? Seem s like for some people, the server was jammed.

Thursday, December 07, 2006  

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