Thursday, February 09, 2006

People who look like each other and ought not to

My husband looks like a cross between Foo Fighter's Dave Grohl and They Might Be Giant's John Linnell. Unfortunately, I don't have good pics on hand, so you'll have to take my word for it if you don't know him. Supposedly, I look and act a lot like that lump from the Zoloft commercials, but since that isn't exactly a flattering comparison, I don't really want to go there.

Indeed uncanny resemblances exist everywhere. By simply typing in the seach string "separated at birth" into google, one gets a plethora of amazing results with some related to archived images from a magazine called "Spy" back in the day (thanks Sig!). I was infomed by this cohort that the notion was such a hit, a monthly segment was featured in that magazine called, you guessed it, "Separated at Birth" featuring haunting images like Joan Rivers versus a Rhesus Monkey. There are commercials devoted to this concept as well: one depicting people with high cholesterol along side their favorite their foods, one comparing indivuduals with various models of Volkswagons, etc. The doube mint gum commericals have produced some funny uncanny resemblances. Here's a favorite:

If that's not your cup of tea, one can head on over to the MySpace Stupid Haircut Awards and take a peek at people who look like Marvel Comic characters. Crazy shit, let me tell you.

So, to jump on the comparison bandwagon, here's are my contributions. These are the ones that are bugging me currently.

Actress Juliet Stevenson:


Designer Austin Scarlett (no, he's not a drag queen):

I love both of them dearly. I really do. I thought Juliet's acting in "Bend it Like Beckham" as the culturally ignorant homophobic soccer mom was fantastic and I was rooting for Austin Scarlett all throughout season 1 of Project Runway. They look like they could be mother and son...uh, or sisters even.

Mack Brown, UT Football coach. Hookem horns!


El Presidente:

One conveys intelligence and the other doesn't. I'll let you decide. Now, I can just hear someone go "But they're both Texans." Um no. I need to kindly remind folk that Bush moved down here from Connecticut.

Here's one I almost didn't put up simply because I respect the two:

Kim Gordon from Sonic Youth


The Thin White Duke, David Bowie

Ya know, I find them both attractive in a weird magnetic intense sorta way, but the juxtoposition of these two pictures is unsettling. I just don't like the fact that they look like each other. Not sure why that bothers me, but yeah, I admit it, it bothers me!

Josh Groban:


a garden variety Hobbit:

I'm having a hard time finding dissimlarities, actually. LOL. Don't get me wrong, Hobbits are nice, and Josh has one of the best tenore voices out there. Furthermore, he's cute, but I do wonder at times...


Fortunately I don't find Ville Valo of HIM attractive and it isn't only because he looks like Veruca Salt from Willy Wonka:


Nuff said. Maybe it is the pouty mouth or the bloated face. Not sure.


At some point Dave Navarro (was it Red Hot Chili Peppers?) looked good...

but then he started to get plasticy looking like in that Hollywood-fake-tan-fake-eyebrows sort of way.

Kind of like, oh I dunno, that first puppet that dies on "Team America?"


Speaking of people who used to look good: Maria Carey. What is going on with Mimi? I've said this before, but the girl ought to know that she ain't Bono, nor is she Madonna. There are some outfits that she shouldn't be wearing!

Fortunately, this pic is better:

And then it struck me when I was watching the Grammys the other night that Maria looked a good bit like Miss Piggy:


Speaking of Madonna:

She's looking a good bit like Hedwig:

I'm debating which one looks better in spandex. Then again with Madonna, she's always changing her look, so why not a drag queen rocker from East Berlin? BTW, if you haven't seen the musical or the movie, check it out. It's amazing.


Blogger sarah said...

who looks better in spandex? hedwig, any day. i know madonna's in shape but i really wish she'd wear more clothing. even the cone bra is better than the spandex.

bush originally moved here from connecticut in 1948 and was raised in midland. still, though, i wouldn't call him a texan.

Friday, February 10, 2006  
Blogger cchang said...

Oh yeah, that's right. It's funny I've erased his reign as governor completely. I only remember Anne Richards and Perry. Bleh...midland. He did buy the ranch in 99 though, right? I ought to go correct that then.

Friday, February 10, 2006  
Blogger sarah said...

i'm not sure when he bought his ranch. yeah, he was governor for two terms. i try not to think about it, either.

Friday, February 10, 2006  

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