Thursday, December 29, 2005

Speaking of things that I don't need...

My Momma got me a pair of really cute legwarmers for Christmas. Did you know that legwarmers are coming back in style? She found them in the Junior's section at Foleys along with matching skirt and top. I'm wearing the top. She didn't buy me the skirt because she thought it was too "slutty-slutty." I suppose the skirt resembled a butt ruffle that seems to be all the rage these days.

I'm not sure if legwarmers are an improvement over the oh-so-2005 look of Sherpa boots with a short skirt in the middle of summer. Ah well.

Onto another item... I got an electric guitar and an amp from my brother. Here I am rocking a mean D major chord. LOL:

I have a feeling that I'm a little too old to quit my day job and join a rock band, but hey, I can pretend and bug the neighbors every now and then. Maybe I can team up with the sucky drummer who has no rhythm and happens to live right next door and for a thrash metal group (I've decided those types of guitarists can't really play chords). We could freak out the crazy family across the street who decided to erect a 5 ft tall sign that says "Jesus Saves" in christmas lights in their front yard. I suppose they're nice people, so we'd only bother them every fortnight.

Speaking of brother, this is him, Mr. Johnny Luck himself sporting not a dolphin, but a sea lion named "Snowflake." It's a little too complicated to explain here, but somehow he thought it would add to the "whistful dainty harp player's" pose he was mocking. Not a bad rendition:


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