Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Contrast Podcast #71: Significant Others Pick Songs About Us

Another great episode is up on Tim Young's Contrast Podcast show...Darlin Hubby and I are on it together. This one just oozes with sweetness, let me tell ya and for the first time, we get to hear what the new Mrs. Tim Young (aka Agn├Ęs) sounds like (she has a really cool accent, BTW). Brian, from The Rant came up with the nifty theme, so be sure to thank him. I think my personal fave is FiL and Mrs. FiL's introduction...

Contrast Podcast 71: "Significant Others Pick Songs About Us"

Plenty of fantastic tracks and happy introductions to check out and enjoy!

As mentioned earlier Tim got married to the lovely Agnes this past weekend and Colin, over at the Face of Today posted our well wishes (thanks to Crash Calloway over at Pretending Life is Like a Song for compiling the sound snippets)

Listen to:
Well wishes to Tim and Agnes from the Contrast Podcast team
Tim's squishy response to us

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Anonymous heavy metal mom said...

I loved your segment with Travis - hilarious. I can't believe the faraway cookies song...that's priceless!!!

Tim and Agnes seem to be really great people - very very cute!!!!!

Thursday, August 09, 2007  
Anonymous FiL said...

I actually met Agnes, and she is lovely. Which is a good thing otherwise we'd have had to intervene. Only the best for our Dearest Tim!!

Thanks also for the kind words! ! Confession: I'm behind on my podcast listening, so I've not actually heard this one. Thet'll be rectified tomorrow..

Thursday, August 16, 2007  
Anonymous Tim Young said...

We are nice ;) .. I think!

Friday, August 17, 2007  

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