Sunday, August 05, 2007

Garbage: Garbage

Look what I found!

Since my dad passed away recently, my mom has decided to move out of the house I grew up in. That's 21 years that she's lived in that house. Weekends lately have been spent cleaning, flensing and reminiscing. The last visit turned up this lovely jewel, Garbage's first album (self titled), sitting beneath a pile of discarded homecoming mums in my closet.

1995 was when this one came out. Back then I was still in marching band, musing over whether or not I should retake my SATs and writing scholarship essays. This was back when Shirley Manson was still a redhead (side note, I had no idea the gal was teased in school for her looks. I've always thought that she was really hot...and she's aged incredibly well, I must say.)

Anyhow, this album has aged well too. It's definitely alt rock/pop yet doesn't sound dated at all. Had I heard this album today, I would have still purchased it due to the catchy tunes and clever lyrics. I would dare say that this'll be placed in my "classic" pile...

Listen to:
"Stupid Girl"

Garbage's Official Website
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