Thursday, June 14, 2007

more things to contemplate

-Should my mix cds feature one genre each or be a mixture of types?
-Should the discs in the 5 cd changer be played in order or randomly?
-Should the upstairs area be opened up for gaming purposes?
-Should I trim the oak tree out back to make it look prettier or leave it all gnarly for shade purposes?
-What kind of grill should I get?
-Should the cats be locked up?
-Tiara or no tiara?
-What should I wear?
-Who should take pics?
-How tanked should I encourage people to get? (I'm notoriously bad about encouraging people to drink...I also make a damn good white russian.)
-Should jamming take place in the Red Room (study) or the actual Music Room?
-Should I strategically place chairs around the house or just let people figure that out on their own?

At least I have food and drinks more or less figure out.



Blogger Sammi said...

Oooh Oooh I have opinions! Lots of 'em! :D

If you have the jam session in the right place, you don't even need mix CDs :D But unless the music is going to be focal, may as well random them with various genres since they'll be background anyhow. Your own favorites of the last 30 years would be fun though, especially if you could get some kiddie music you liked on there in your waaaaay youth *cackle*


Grill - ask Blake? (cop-out) I'm always a fan of the charcoal myself (I even dreamed about grilling on one last night) but gas is theoretically easier, less mess. You end up with a propane tank knockin' around though.

Gaming? huh?

The cats will prolly lock themselves up when enough people get there. Except maybe Etoufee....

People will drink as they drink ... those of us who have backup plans will prolly over do (which means I might actually sing *laugh*) and those who abstain can drive the rest of us home :D

Just no chairs at the table :D Otherwise everyone will get stuck in the kitchen ^_^

Friday, June 15, 2007  
Blogger cchang said...

All the music I listened to prior to age 15 was essentially classical, so that's pretty boring. No MTV growing up. I didn't attend my first concert until I was in college. I didn't even buy CDs until I was in college! So, yeah, last 30 years would be kinda boring.

We got a new bookcase (cause we have too many books lying around the house) so it is where the desk used to be in the redroom and the desk is now in the center of the room. That is theoretically the best place for jamming because it's up front. However the piano and harp are in the music room. Grrr...I guess it depends on how much "gear" there will be. I may move a small stereo into the red room for people to congregate and chat.

Friday, June 15, 2007  
Blogger Mentok said...

I know you posted these questions for no other reason than to receive the great and powerful Mentok's sage advice, so I am happy to comply ;-)

- definitely a mix of genres. People at the party will have a mix of tastes and you don't want to hassle with changing CDs too often.
- randomly, definitely.
- yes, opened up
- keep it for shade
- as in bbq? The Fiesta Optima, available at Home Depot. To quote the review "It's ranking is slightly lower than the excellent category..., but at $200, it packs a lot of performance for a very attractive price."
- good god yes lock 'em up. (sorry, not a cat person.) Could there be allergy issues at the party?
- for you, tiara every day ;-)
- that latex rock goddess outfit, or any other outfit that makes you feel like the coolest, best looking and most powerful person in the universe. It's your day.
- no clue. But not your husband, b/c he'll be too busy helping with the hosting and you'll end up blaming him if the pics turn out bad or there aren't enough of them. It's a guilt trip waiting to happen, so don't stick him with it.
- arrange transportation and/or designated drivers, then encourage everyone to get very very tanked. It's a celebration, dammit.
- I'm thinking the Music Room, but I don't really know.
- strategically place; not because it will do any good, but just because it will give you something fiddly to occupy your mind while you wait for guests to show up.

Any other questions, don't hesitate to ask. I'm always happy to stick my nose in where it doesn't belong ;-)

Friday, June 15, 2007  
Blogger dasMobius said...

I learned a new word: "tiara."

Yes please wear one. You get extra credit if it doubles as a weapon aka Wonder Woman or Sailor Moon.

Oh, I am allergic to cats unfortunately.

Friday, June 15, 2007  
Blogger cchang said...

Wow! Thank you guys.

Mentok, the grill suggestion is especially helpful for me, and good point about the photos. Need to find the smaller camera...

For comfort purposes, I'll probably default to concert T-shirt and jeans...

Shawn, I'll dope you up with Claritin D if that ends up being an issue.

Friday, June 15, 2007  
Blogger Avani T said...

Dammit! I made a comment and it didn't post! what the hell did I say? I don't remember. Uhm...

Oh yeah...

I said that your over-analyzing tendencies are fascinating and that I do the same thing but I love that you took it to the next step and created categories for the people that you make mix tapes for.

You are absolutely delightful!

Friday, June 15, 2007  
Blogger cchang said...

It did post...just in a different post. Heh same word for verb and noun. How funny. heh heh.

Friday, June 15, 2007  

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