Friday, August 04, 2006

light yellow rounds pair

If you ever need to find a nice "off colored" or unusual diamond, check out Mike Oshman over at Diamond Delights. He's a fellow Texan, very honest, knows his stuff and I've found him infinitely more helpful than most gem dealers on the net.

Anyhow, in case you haven't noticed, white diamonds and saturated yellows are very in. Diamonds actually pretty much come in all colors of the rainbow with Red being the most expensive. The soft yellows are some of the most affordable and to be honest, a shade that I think is very underappreciated.

Here's a lovely slightly mismatched pair I recently purchased:

Apparently these would look more matched in a yellow gold mounting. As ear studs it wouldn't be an issue, but I may end up using them as side stones in a ring. I think they're pretty anyway. They both in the U-V color range and roughly 1/4 carat each. Along side a soft white center I think this would make a nice antique looking trio. We'll see...

Another interesting point: Why is it so hard to find yellow rounds?
Well, unless the color is super saturated, the round brilliant cut tends to dilute the color a bit. That is because the round brilliant is a very brilliant cut--meaning it makes light bounce around a lot inside of the stone. Remember, soft light yellows are out of style right now, so you'd want this to look as saturated as a yellow as possibe and the way to do that is to cut it with something that has large factes in the pavillion so that light passes through and accentuates the yellowness.


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