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don't buy that guitar!

I almost bid on this smashed and signed guitar from the last leg of the NIN tour, because I attended a buttload of concerts the past year and a half, thought it would be nice to give to charity, and heck it would look nice on the wall (and yes, it's legit. Check out the current section of Granted, I have a bad habit of spending money on things I don't really need, and that money ought to go towards a new laptop, a concert flute or my roth IRA, so I left it up to my esteemed buddies to talk me out of bidding on this.

I think I mainly did this because I'm bored and because I know I can always count on entertaining commentary. For reference "Lemon Drop" is the name of my diamond ring and the "Red Room" is the sitting area in the front of my house.

When did Trent switch from the cheap-assed Dean EVO models (Want one? They're $299. I'd buy it and ask him to break it for you at the next Meet & Greet.) to the not-quite-as-cheap Epiphone Les Paul model?

I interjected that maybe he didn't want to smash a nice guitar and pointed out that Bono gives out hot chocolate to his fans, supposedly....

Maybe in the wake of the Malm stuff, Trent committed to an austerity plan. I think that also might have something to do with the musician's he used this time around. The other guys, Charlie, Danny and Robin, might have expected too much $ to do another tour. Also, on the Fragility tour, Trent used real Gibson Les Pauls - with custom paint jobs, no less.

But to be fair, he did keep ticket prices down this time. For what U2 charges for a ticket, I'd expect a steak dinner along with the hot chocolate.

the only good guitar is the one you are able to play.
the epiphone SG i owned was junk. i have an epiphone acoustic, but that has no exlectronics on it, so there is no room fo rcatastrophuic failure, but for an electric? bleah. spend 10 dollars on a NIN bumper sticker, and put it on your guitar, that will create a sense of something being somewhat special, and it only cost 10 bucks.

Darlin Husband:
Isn't trent on your list of annoying people these days? Remember, everything's trent's fault, and he's apparently trying to prevent lemondrop from getting friends. Also, remember that NIN fans are freakin' crazy, and I bet the final bid for this will be much higher than the current $910.

For the record, he's on my list of people I like to poke fun of...big difference.

that would look awesome on your wall, but:

1. lemon drop would be sad that she lost out to a guitar.
2. you'd have to put it in the red room, which is kind of dark anyway so no one could see it. unless, of course, you got it its own display light, too.
3. think of all the cool shit you could buy with the $1,000 you're NOT going to spend on this guitar.
4. trent got ugly; i bet his signature has gone downhill, too.
5. your other guitar would be uber jealous and probably kick this one's ass, and the NIN guitar would surely lose since it's broken to begin with.

that is all. let me know what you decide. :)

Probably the best response...

Then there's Monica and Shawn who both gave similar replies. My brother also mentioned something similar

Don't do it!!!! I think Lemon Drop deserves the money more. If it still worked, that would be different, but it's broken!!!

That guitar is in terrible condition! I don't think that even new strings could fix it. Why spend money on a guitar that can't even be played?????????????????!!!!!!!!!

Talk about punctuation enthusiasm from those two!!! The interesting thing is that I got similar comments from all who play guitar, so owning a broken one is blasphemy. I bet the final bid will be over $2000. I hope it goes to someone who attended the concert and not just some collector who is going to turn around and sell it for profit down the line. :(


Blogger Monica said...

hilarious - I can't believe what they paid for that guitar!!!!!!!!!&!&&!&&^!&*^*&%(*^%&^%(!*&^%(*!^(*!^^!!^!&^!(*&^(*^^!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????????$%&^*&*&(&(*&(

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