Friday, April 21, 2006


Nipples is a Taiwanese indie rock group that formed in 1997 with a lead singer who sounds a little like Chan Marshall and a backing band that sounds a little like Sonic Youth. I became interested in these guys because other than really bad sappy pop acts, I haven't really found any bands from my mother's home land that I've liked immensely. These were the first guys to catch my notice and apparently the Taiwan Indie pop scene is blooming. Why are they called that? As KK, the lead singer and bassist puts it:
We called our band Nipples because they are sometimes soft and sometime hard, just like our music

Fair enough.

I had a hard time finding pages in English about this band, but I did come across a nice interview (albeit small) from Petite Mort where you can listen to the following mp3's and learn more about their lable and song writing habits:

"Bright and Shining Mood"

"Spotted Rabbit"

Visit Nipples official website.

Better yet, visit this site, Island of Sounds which contains tons of info on the growing Asian indie scene.


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