Thursday, April 20, 2006

Moog Theremin....and showcasing Peter Pringle

My Moog Theremin came in yesterday! I am so utterly overjoyed. *finally* an instrument that I can play where my little itty bitty hands aren't a hinderance. To celebrate, I figured I'd post about a theremin virtuoso by the name of Peter Pringle.

To simply say his is multi-talented is somewhat of an understatement. He has written and acted in numerous plays and has written songs for numerous pop starts. He's concert level on multiple instruments and is a classically trained singer as well. His theremin playing is not only technically amazing, but he is also an innovative composer often combining the theremin with unique instruments. Here are some interesting mp3's he's graciously provided on his website showcasing his expansive repertoire:

Faure's "Pavane"

"Blue Lotus" (featuring a hodgepodge of Egyptian Instruments)

"Jade Princess" (with gu-xeng piece composed by Pringle)

"Lullaby"(with slide guitar & vocals by Pringle)

If you want to learn more about Peter Pringle, purchase any of his CD's or instructional videos, visit his website at:


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