Sunday, April 22, 2007

wide awake at...5am???

I seriously have some BAD insomnia going on right now. It's 5am on a Sunday morning and I think I maybe slept 3 hours. :(

I figured I'd clean up my computer, answer some emails and work on some music related programming while up. I did manage to find this hilarious picture:

This was taken literally minutes after I bought my MacBook a couple of months ago. Heh...I had no idea the computer would take a photo of me the first time I logged on. You can see Sejal, my lovely (and very pregnant) office mate standing behind me, eating a snack and giving me direction on how to set up my wireless settings. Cute.

I had a very fulfilling dream last night that simultaneously involved vindication and passive revenge. I do have this bizarre psychic streak in me (from my own observation, what my friends observe and based on 3 separate tarot readings...I'm not even into that kind of stuff, so it must be true). Anyhow, I'm gloating on the inside.

I think we have a new winner in the root veggy mistaken identity game over at HEB. This time I was up on the one at Parmer and the dude who was weighing my white potatoes declared "These are pears, right?"

I have to admit though, this time I think his confusion was warrented. They sort of did look like bosc pears at a quick glance, Pears aren't even a vegetable. For the record, he did ask if my rutabagas were turnips. That's pretty close, so the cashiers there are making progress. He also got bonus points for saying the fennel smelled good.

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Blogger dasMobius said...

Haha. Great pic. Yeah I felt sort of "ambushed" too when I started up my Mac for the first time and it takes a picture. Ha. Sorry I didn't warn you. I forgot all about it.

Thursday, April 26, 2007  
Blogger cchang said...

LOL. Yeah, I didn't even know there was a camera. I needed a laptop asap, so I didn't even really check out the specs.

Thursday, April 26, 2007  

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