Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Voltaire Live!

Not since I was in high school have I been reduced to absolute gibbering bliss by a band. Back then it was The Beatles and Depeche Mode, neither of which I ever actually saw in concert of course, but they played live in my bedroom every night, loud, with me singing along, much to the eternal frustration of my family.

So what does it take to reduce a 30 year old woman to a pool of schoolgirl giggles and fantasies? One word - Voltaire. I went to his concert here in Austin back on the 8th of February with our own Adzuki Bean as my stunning date, and oh my, oh my. I'd heard some of Voltaire's work before, see, but never seen him live, I just knew he was really damn funny and bound to be a hoot in concert. To say I was right would be an understatement. Truth be told, if he'd been wearing a kilt like the fellows on stage before him (wooooo Brobdingnagian Bards!), my marriage might have been in trouble ...

See, what we have in Voltaire isn't just another Goth singer breaking out the incense making the whole place smell like High Mass while they writhe around in fishnet and leather. (wait, I wonder if we could get him into fishnet and leather... hmmm...) What we have is a brilliant musician who absolutely, hands down, OWNS THE HALL when he steps on that stage. He's clever, he's catty, he's gorgeous, he sings, he interacts - there is no fourth wall, he's there, with you, and he's taking everything you're giving him and leaving you wanting more. And it's not like smooth, pre-figured and tested patter - while I'm sure he's probably has some idea what he might say to go with his set list, once we're all out there doing the back and forth, all bets are off. For example, there was one point at our show that someone from the audience kept screaming for "Sexy Data Tango" and wouldn't let up, and he finally shouted back, "Why don't you come on up here and sing it with me, then?" ... and you know - he was seriously inviting the guy up there. Of course, the guy chickened out.

Now as an aside, I just want to say, if Voltaire ever makes that kind of offer at a concert I'm at again, he better not be surprised when my fat ass is trying to find some way to crawl up on stage to sing with him, maybe even if I'm not the one he directs it to. 'Course, it would have to be something more like "Ex-Lover's Lovers" or maybe that new duet he did with Amanda Palmer, "Stuck with You" (check it out on his MySpace, he's got a rough cut up on his player)... but oh man. Whoever that was shouting from the side of the audience, you missed out. I can't even imagine getting to be up there on stage with VOL-FREAKIN'-TAIRE. You'd have to peel me off the club ceiling, and then tie a rope around me to keep me from floating away when we got outside. Be warned, Austin, TX. When he comes back (ohpleaseohpleasesoonsoonsoon), I'll be ready for him. I'm collecting the CDs. I'm practicing. And when he comes back, I'll just have to see if I can shout enough to earn that same enticement for myself. Muahaaahahahahahaha!

But back to the point of this post. This was a month ago, and I'm still freakishly giddy. I picked up Voltaire Live! at the concert, got it signed and everything (even got to paw at the awesome sweater he was wearing, and got a smooch from The Man Himself, omg, died of joy! *swoon*) and popped it into the player almost as soon as I got home - the only thing it's missing for that at-the-concert-feel is Voltaire actually standing there, tangible, singing, and then coming out to a merch booth in my living room to chat afterwards. It's got him telling stories (Jesus is a Zombie!), ragging on the audience ("You're cheering for dead babies?! That is fucked up!"), singing (of course), all in great sound quality, especially for a live recording. Definitely a must-buy, and if my husband's opinion can be trusted, it's the best CD of his to date because it captures all that awesome stage presence and isn't Just Another Studio Album. Totally scores a 5 out of 5 Skulls for rockin' awesomeness.

Listen to:
"Ex-Lover's Lover"
"Sexy Data Tango"

(bear with the downloads if they don't work - I think the Nine Inch Nails love has put us over the limit... the Voltaire's Lair link and his MySpace page both have MP3s to listen to as well, though!)

Voltaire on MySpace
Voltaire's MerchDirect store
Voltaire's Lair site

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Sexy Data Tango is bad ass!

Thursday, March 08, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

He's fuuuuuuul-ly functionaaaaaaaaaaaaal..... and anatomically correct!

Thursday, March 08, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

See, what we have in Voltaire isn't just another Goth singer breaking out the incense making the whole place smell like High Mass while they writhe around in fishnet and leather.

Okay, this really cracked me up considering some other bands we've um, witnessed. *cough*

Thursday, March 08, 2007  

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