Friday, August 25, 2006

up late

I guess I'm feeling a little better now I skipped out on glassblowing because:
1) I'm depressed
2) I'm really tired
and the two of those combined could be deadly around molten glass and an open flame.

Unfortunately, I can't fall asleep. I did manage to finish, however, Adzuki Pod #5 which includes earworms that have been stuck in my head lately and experimental music. You can check that out here:
Adzuki Bean Stash Podcast

There's something I find very soothing about doing music tidbit research and talking into a cheap $10 microphone, fiddling with sound files on Audacity and laughing at my own voice. I also love wikipedia. I really do.

Speaking of experimental, there's a chance I might end up playing with the Austin Civic Wind Ensemble for their Halloween concert this year on theremin. I'm really excited althogh I haven't heard from maestro yet. Keep your fingers crossed!


Blogger heavy metal mom said...

I really liked the podcast, Cindy! Especially "White Bird" and the atonal stuff at the end.

I am so excited about you playing theramin, maybe!
That would be really gnarly!!!

Monday, August 28, 2006  

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