Thursday, July 27, 2006

old trent pics

I'm starting to get loopy at work again, so a web surfing I go. I love google image and well, I guess I decided to go back to gawking at my favorite person in the whole wide world (aside from the darling husband of course). Anyhow somehow missed these when they first came out. Amen to Maggie Bear and her insanely huge database of pics.

This one reeks of photoshop for some reason and apparently it is fairly recent...I'm not sure if it is an actual photo because I don't remember seeing it on ETS, but then again, I don't lurk there as often as I used to. The perspective seems off somehow. His head looks too big.

I'm hoping someone will improve the technology on these mic pacs soon. They're too big and bulky. If anyone remember Paula Abdul performing at the MTV music awards years ago in a spandex teddy and mic pack strapped to the back, that's a great example. Anyhow, it makes Trent look like he's sticking his butt up in the air or something. Even worse, there's the little antenna on the end that wiggles around so it looks like he's got a tail as well. Yeah anyway, I hadn't seen this shot before.

Fragility era pic. I guess compositionally it's interesting, but what the hell was the photographer thinking here????

Trent's playing peek-a-boo?
He's afraid of his halitosis?
Danny just let out a fart and this is a failed attempt at shielding his sensitive nose?

I've often wondered with pics such as these what photo concepts he's actually turned down. What was the concept behind this one? Tomato sauce?

Here's a nice one concert photo from the Downward Spiral era I haven't seen before from Whatever Magazine. It's nice.

This next one is practically a baby picture...variation on one that I've seen before. It's nice to see some alternate shots crop up over time and I think this is the case. Cute.

And finally, an entry from Worth a 1000 Words

The source pic is taken from the same shoot as this one of very young Trent during the Pretty Hate Machine Era.

And, that's enough Trent fodder for the day. Ugh, gotta go back to SSN remediation...


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