Saturday, July 01, 2006

I met Voltaire!

I'm so happy I *finally* got to hear him live and I actually met him too. My friend Jodi got me the book What is Goth written by Voltaire (no, not the one who wrote Candide he's dead...) last year for my birthday and it is one of the funniest texts I've ever read in my life. Think SNL's Goth Talk but wittier. I nearly peed in my pants when I read some of those passages. Anyhow, Voltaire is also a musician, and his music and stage antics are just as humorous. Favorite story of the night:

His son asked him one day what the heck Easter was. After briefly explaining that it was about a good man named Jesus who rose from death after being crucified, his son got really excited and went "Whoa, you mean Jesus is a Zombie????" Heh.

I met the guy on Friday at Elysium during a show that featured him, the Machine and the Garden and the Brobdinagian Bards. I found Voltaire to be incredibly down to earth and nice. He took the time to have a genuine conversation with each of his fans, didn't flinch when someone asked him to sign his boob and was very cordial about taking pics with fans (unlike you know who). I find it amusing that the venue also stamped his hand.

Anyhow, I've got more concert pics I need to upload and will profile the show on my music blog once I get a chance. It was also the first time I deployed the digital SLR. Believe me I had an ass of time trying to get the right readings and settings in the dark. Here's a preview:

The Machine in the Garden's Summer Frace':

The goths come out to dance and play at night:


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