Friday, June 30, 2006

Food Blog!

I love to eat, so it's no wonder that this blog my friend Lisa pointed out to me is now one of my favorites. It is entitled Orangette and has fantastic recipes. Better yet, the food descriptions are to die for. Here's a snippet from the Lemon Yogurt Fritters one:

Tangy with yogurt and laced with a tinge of lemon, these fritters fry up to the size of a small child’s fist and go down in a half-dozen bites. The crust of each little orb is uncannily crisp, meeting the tooth with a good, satisfying crack. Beneath, the crumb is moist, dense, and deceptively light, somewhere between cake doughnut and sponge cake. Even with a snowy cap of sugar, they’re only subtly sweet—the sort of thing that goads you, ever so slyly, into a second helping. I ate two and a half and only sort of wanted to die—until, of course, I ate another. Consider yourself warned, if you want to.

Fantastic writing! Makes your mouth water and not care about how many calories are probably laden in such an item. Yuuummmmy! Check out her recipe page as well.


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