Thursday, July 13, 2006

being a sheep by taking the easy cheap shot...Peter and Trent 4 Evah!

For the record, I like people who give real hugs and not tepid shoulder nuzzles. These two actually know how to properly embrace each other.

I'm sure all over the internet ether other ninners are making the same inane stupid comments like mine over these pics from Peter Murphy's site, but I don't care. This is what lack of sleep does to me. Anyway, I bet *they* don't have Snuggle-potamus playing in the background! Ah yes...

Snuggle potamus, I love youuuu
You make the sun come out
When I'm bluuuuue

(side note: Hot damn. Look at those eyes. Too bad these rock gods can't mate.)

Snuggle potamus, what do I do?
I like to hug and squeeze
you you youuuuu

(Please don't burn Trent's tukus with the ashes from your cigarette, Pete. Could you also please give the dude from TV on the Radio a hug too while you're at it? He feels left out.)

Snuggle Potamus, I need you!
do do doo do do
dooo doo dooo

(apparently he really needed him. right there. at that moment.)

Snuggle potamus, I love youuuu
You're the best-est thing
I love you!

(Man, they really are snuggly. Is this an affectionate hug or a hug of sheer exhaustion? They almost look like they're collapsing into each other's arms. Either that or they're trying to remind Aaron that he hasn't gotten any since Jerome left...anyhow I'm glad they're not too macho to be friendly.)

Back on a serious note. If you haven't checked it out already, there are some amazing pics and media from the Murphy/Reznor radio sessions loaded onto NIN's site:
Be sure to check out the other photos (in context) off of Peter Murphy's site:

To be honest, I love this marriage of rock gods even more than Bowie and Reznor.

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